1 Year Anniversary party!!!!!

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  1. Hello, I have played EMC for awhile now and it has finally become my 1 Year Anniversary (In 12 Days :))

    Where?: On res 10861 on smp5
    When?: July 2 (time to be determined later)

    I will be having my EMC firework going off and I will throw diamonds, My head, giving away rupees and much more! I am also hoping to be able to set up some competitions but that is a definitely a maybe

    Also you do not have to bring a gift but if u would like to the time that I am on EMC you can hand any gift to me personally to me, or I will have an all access chest on my res the whole day :D

    No need to give me the 2 beacons I said I wanted because I was already given two from redfire23 Big thanks to him

    I am hoping to have my house finished by then which will mean we will be hanging out on the rooftop mostly where the spa will be or you can just tour the house and hang out

    If I need to I might have to make it a little after the 4th of July since some people might be out of town

    I also have thought up of a game similar to pin the tail on the donkey where 3 people can play and what happens is they drink a zombie virus then spin around then try and shoot an arrow at a target

    People who have signed up for the game
    2 backups
  2. I'll try and come , when I know an exact time
  3. Ok great!
  4. maybe I should have a 600 day party in about a month...
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  5. You should smile :)
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  6. That would be great somebody :D
  7. Im coming buddy :)
  8. Yay thx so much :D
  9. I will try to come, although my schedule isn't always the nicest.
  10. I wana come just for the pin the tail game!!! lol happy early 1 year anniversary :D
  11. Ok so do you guys think that's a good game??
  12. Guys I need to know if its a good game please
  13. I'm sure I can come but idk
  14. Ok I am going to do the game look at original description to sign up