1 year, AMA, I guess I'm back?

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  1. Well, where to start......as if I had much of a story to tell anyway.

    So it's been a year already, (well, a bit more, but close enough) and I haven't been around much. The whole time I've been active here I've seen countless numbers of AMA threads and giveaways, and I've been considering making one of these kinds of threads, but felt as if I needed to give a lucky person(s) and item or something of the sort. Since I've been gone for what feels like a while to me, I may as well just do one of these. Perhaps when I figure stuff out I'll do a giveaway of some sort, but until then I'm clueless as to what valuables I have to give away.

    So for the past couple of months, probably since August, I haven't been able to go on as much due to school and sports and such, along with a brand new gaming computer which I've been using to play things other than Minecraft. I have started to pop up here or there, but not a whole lot. I also have my old computer, which I am just too lazy to figure out the whole modding thing, because it has already been an adventure trying to get Minecraft to work on my new computer.

    That being said, I suppose I am going to be more active, assuming that Minecraft doesn't change it's code to the point of making every mod developer losing their sanity over it, and assuming that life doesn't happen. Let the AMA begin?
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  2. It is about time you are back!!!
  3. Was I being expected? I don't mean to sound like that kinda guy, but I honestly didn't think that many, if any, people knew/remember me.
  4. It is always nice to people come back.