1 total YEAR on EMC :D!!! Suggest ways for me to celebrate this

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Oct 5, 2012.


Happy Birthday to me?

Congratulations 6 vote(s) 10.5%
Congratulations, my good sir 20 vote(s) 35.1%
Congratulations, Pie 11 vote(s) 19.3%
Donut 20 vote(s) 35.1%
  1. Hello Peoples of the Empire!!!

    Today I'm on EMC 1 whole year! My EMC birthday.

    I'm looking for a nice way to celebrate this :D!

    Come up with ideas, anything is welcome

  2. Congratulations, I wish I was here so long!

    Nice way to celebrate: Give away all your rupees in a give-away :p
  3. Do a diamond giveaway! :rolleyes:
    I don't have a idea but congratulations!
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  4. Give-away, yes, all my rupees, no, other items, sure XD
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  5. I suggest using dirt. ;)
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  6. Build some kind of symbolic building and destroy it with exacty 365 tnt.

    Congrats btw...
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  7. any suggestions :D?
  8. Hey, your the master building designer lol...
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  9. Gratz Mate
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  10. You should giveaway like Etho does them:) You now, stack of gravel, with the redstone torches and tnt with chests of items surrounding it:D Have a bunch of them, and have it completely automated, and just for fun, fill one with dirt:p
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  11. Build A Giant Birthday Cake!
  12. I might make some huge statue of me, with chests in my feet and some items, then give everyone build perms
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  13. I Recommend Buying The Wool Needs At 1111 ;)
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  14. I believe that has been done already. ;)
  15. Make an epic maze, or a building, and put chests with some loot in. Give everybody container perms.
    Whoever has the most stuff wins :p
  16. I'll think out a plan :D!
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  17. Make people give YOU presents :p
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  18. dirt mansion. as long as you dont run off stabbing people with that sword your fine.
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  19. Congrast Eclipsys! To celebrate build a giant pig with the numbers "365" on it! :D
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  20. I haz reminded you! Donuts! Cookies! Yes, cookie giveaway!