1 million cobble stone

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  1. Hey guys I have this super crazy goal and I can't do it without you. I wana collect is 1 million cobblestone = 15625 stacks of cobble stone so can people help me out on a huge goal chest and hoppers will also be great. :) thx
  2. 289 double chests and 1 single chest of cobblestone. Good luck.
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  3. And then smelt it all XD
  4. Won't take long :p
  5. I challenge you to gather ONE HUNDRED MILLION cobblestone!
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  6. This should take like 870k rupees If you buy the DC of cobblestone for 3k each.
  7. who buys cobble for 3k a dc? 0.o
  8. If you want it fast. And considering the quantity... Why not?
  9. But why not do it and hold an auction for it huh?
  10. This is actually an awesome goal. I think I wanna do this with another block though.
  11. We'll I have a base with this 1 guy who dug out a whole chunk
  12. Diamonds!!!!
  13. If you can gather 1 million diamonds I will track you down and give you cookie irl
  14. I think 100k Obsidian would be cool
    I do really want that cookie though...
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  15. I have 2 stacks of diamonds in my ender chest
  16. 1 million dragon eggs. Mission declined.
  17. Do it show me give me some XD and tell me where u live and I will bring you a cookie