1 Mil Drop Party! July 1st

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Would you rather have broken down blocks or whole blocks (such as lapis, coal, diamond, emeralds)

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Whole Blocks 32 vote(s) 72.7%
Broken Down 12 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Hey Guys!

    Soooo, It's gonna be my 21st on the 30th June and what better way to celebrate than to have a stupidly large drop party!

    I'm not gonna list everything we have but at the moment we're sitting on nearly a sc of promos alone (which are listed below), which is only gonna grow as I find the deals! Plus 10 DC's which are getting slowly filled daily.

    TIME AND DATE : 9pm EST, 1st July ! (Sorry about tonight guys (Internet problems..errrgh). This will happen on the 1st!!!!
    LOCATION : SMP7, /v 14187 !

    Any donations will be kindly accepted (except dirt please!), but it's just a massive thank you to the EMC community as a whole and should be good fun!

    Watch the thread to receive the time once it's confirmed!

    Look forward to seeing everyone there :D


    1 x IRON Supporter Voucher!!
    3 x Dragon Frags
    5 x Dragon Stones
    2 x Cupid Bows
    3 x Stack of Cupid Arrows
    5 Vault Vouchers
    5 Stable Vouchers
    4 Pots of Gold
    6 Eggcelent Wands
    2 Starter Armour Sets
    15 Beacons
    Notch and God Apples
    2 Holiday Candles
    Dramanya Head and Signed book
    Signed Big Davie book
    1 Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    2 Ham Hackers
    30k in redeemable money
    1000 Diamonds
    An SC of Stacked Emeralds

    And lastly, the most important one. 5 x My Head. The new must have promo! ;)

    Block wise it's gonna be over a DC of Emeralds, Diamond, Gold and Iron alone!
  2. I'll be glad to donate some stuff once I log on. :)
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  3. Thanks so much Agent_Creeper23! I've set some droppers up at the res listed above so feel free to pop over whenevers good by you :)
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  4. I will be there for sure, if no schedule conflicts arise of course
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  5. Just a quick update! We've had 3 donaters give already. Price wise at the moment we're currently sitting on around 300k worth of stuff. With over 100 of that being promos alone. I'll make a list of promos once i've got more, but it's shaping up to be huge already! Can we break a mil for this DP!?
  6. Just surpassed the 500k mark with items. Ladies and gents please donate if you'd like to but this is shaping up to already be an amazing drop party!
  7. I hope I'll be able to come...:) drop parties are my fav besides events hosted by EMC staff. :p
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  8. I hope so too! They're usually so fun and a great place to meet people too.
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  9. Keep the donations coming in guys if you can! Just hit 300k of promos alone, but im way off blocks and filler wise! Hope to see everyone there :)
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  10. A couple of people have asked me for a full list of promos that will be dropped. I've added more and am currently in the process of adding more so this list is unfinished however...

    Their may be a voucher added. We shall have to see how generous I'm feeling. Either Gold or Iron.
    3 x Pot of Gold
    2 x Vault Voucher (will add to)
    2x Stable Voucher (will add to)
    1 x ESCD
    1x Ham Hacker
    2 x Cupid Bow (may be more)
    5 x Wands
    1 x Freedom Stake
    1 x Starter Armor
    10 x Beacons (tempted to bump this to 15...)
    2 x Holiday Candles
    Dragon Stone Frags. Undecided on how many. Will likely be 20.
    3 x Dragon Stone (adding more daily)
    2 x Stacks of Cupid Arrows
    2 x Stacks of Shiny Arrows
    Assorted haunted candy and shiny flesh

    Anyone who wants to put a total price on it feel free too below :)
  11. Make that 2 Ham Hackers! (Huge thanks to Agent!) :D
  12. Omg, so coming and donating!!!! need them Ham Hackers!!!
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  13. Another pot of gold and a headless horseman mask added!
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  14. This sounds awesome! I hope I can make it there!
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  15. Just added. Signed Big Davie Book. And Dramanya's head and signed book!
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  16. sweet!
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  17. Thanks for doing this drop party! I hope I can make it. :)
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  18. Can't make it, sorry, I'll be in Oregon for a month w/out being able to come on...
    Glad you put this together for the people though.
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  19. No worries! Thanks for the well wishes. Hope Oregon is nice weather for you :)
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  20. Hopefully it's not too hot. I live up North in Canada near the Great Lakes (Toronto). :p
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