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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Matthew94544, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. I think in reverse auctions instead of doing it by 54 minimum it should be 1 minimum. Im trying to get a specific head (Non-promo Aikar head) to display at my mall but that would require adding 53 heads and i want to try to go lower then 500k. ~Matthew94544
  2. I don't think that is the point of a reverse auction. Sorry but I disagree with this idea. -1
  3. Believe it would be easier to just post you are buying one in the other section or search around in-game. Don't see why general rules should be changed for a very rare situation. :)
  4. Ya not really that rare i would like to do this for a lot of staff heads =P
  5. Instead of this count staff heads as promos?
  6. I sort of understand the head rule because if it was set to 1 then people would start auctioning off their own heads and it'd create a lot of spam, but for reverse auctions I don't know the pros/cons. Neutral on this.

  7. Yes thats why its only for reverse auctions i agree
  8. oops i accidentally added that it sorry =P
  9. hmm now it didnt strange XD
  10. If you're selling/buying a staff head, you can post it in the products and services forum. Reverse auction rules needn't be changed for something like this :)
  11. What is your point here? You can get one for under 500k, but they are hard to find. Either look for one in game or wait for one to pop up on forums, just be on the lookout. Or, you can post a thread in products and services saying that you are buying one like I just said. Again, my point still stands, reverse auction rules needn't be changed for something like this. If anything, you'll end up paying more when using reverse auctions, because there is no negotiation unlike searching for it in-game or posting a thread or even participating in conversation.

    EDIT: You can even wait for it to come out in an event too :p
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  12. Yeah, sorry to say but I'm also opposed to the idea. Mainly because I don't see how this will "fix" or improve things, only the opposite.

    Right now people need to remember 1 set of basic rules when doing an auction (normal or reversed). If you apply differences then it's only a matter of time before someone is going to try a regular auction for a head and claim that they are following the rules. They may not even realize the differences. And when there's one, many will follow.

    The other reason I'm opposed to the idea is, as mentioned above, there already is a way to try and look for a single item.

    Regular Minecraft items (like heads) are simply not valuable enough (generally speaking) to justify such a change.
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  13. You could just post a thread like this:

    Title: [BUYING] Non-promo Aikar head
    Information: [Whatever you want to post that is relevant to your title] :)

    -1 on this suggestion
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  14. I can't agree with you. If that's true then the same arguement can be said for all auctions. Why even have auctions at all then? You can just post a topic for everything you want to buy or sell, but auctions are an easier and more convenient way of doing it.
  15. Just post what you want to buy and what price you're willing to pay in the P&S forum as suggested.

    If someone can meet your demands, your order can be filled.
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  16. You don't need auctions at all because you can post a topic asking to buy or sell any item, it's more convenient sometimes (most cases), but in a case with an extremely rare item like this, how is a reverse auction going to help you? One, it's going to be hard to even find anyone that may be willing to bid, two, even if there is someone with one out there, are they really going to sell it and three, because there may only be one person looking at that reverse auction for the Aikar Head, it's just going to go for your starting price even if they do bid anyway.

    Auctions are convenient ways of getting some items but not this one and therefore, why do we need to change the rules for reverse auctions just so that this guy can get an Aikar Head? If he wants a very specific item that barely anyone has, I'm not sure if a reverse auction is going to help him, especially if it's either just never going to get bid on or just go for the starting bid anyway...

    Just some things to think about, I haven't 100% made my decision on this, but I'm not seeing all the pros to changing the rules here.
  17. Well.. those are rare. Aikar's Head is very hard to get. I have one, but If I'd sell it I'd sell it for 2.5 Million rupees.
  18. I will buy it for 3 mill jk
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  19. I saw the jk. YOU YOU'LL NEVER GET IT.

    I'm never selling it :p
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