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    Starting bid of 150 k

    incremental of 5 k

    auction ends friday 6 . 00 p.m or 18.00 emc time.

    happy bidding and good luck. :)
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  2. "Friday" could mean any Friday. I assume you intended: "Friday 10th of July"? Please specify a date so that there can be no doubt here. If you want to change your post just click 'report' (bottom left) and explain that you want to add a date. But you can also simply confirm my message, that'll also work.

    And good luck with your auction!
  3. sorry i missed date friday 10 july 2015
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  4. Sweet, I may get one of each kind of voucher if this works out :) 200K
  5. Ooops, didn't see the bid at the end of your text.

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  6. No prob Dek, but I gotta bump this up a bit. 225K
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  7. I bid 234,432
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  8. I was all ready to bid 234,567 and now I can't. Curse you tedrocker *shakes fist in the air...

    Oh, and 250K
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  9. Delticmad should be smiling by now... :D
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  10. Well I'm out that was all the money I own lol
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