1 DC of Glass Blocks

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  1. Item: DC of Glass Blocks
    Starting Bid: 1000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 50r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after the last valid bid
    Pickup: SMP6 /v +ahaus - Preview available at site

    Good Luck And Happy Bidding! :)
  2. 5k
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  3. Bump the glass but not to hard or it'll break. :p
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  4. Bump with a "This side up" sticker on the DC of glass.
  5. 7k
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  6. Bumps the DC of Glass Blocks so he puts a "Fragile" sticker on the side of it. :p
  7. XxE3choxX has the leading bid at 7000 rupees. Less than one hour to go in order to BUMP his bid out of the running and take the lead for this auction.
  8. Whatsthefoxsay1 has taken the lead in this auction with a bid of 10,000 rupees. Will he be taking home the prize or will someone BUMP it from him? Only you take this form him.
  9. 11k plz
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  10. 12k
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  11. And weeh666 comes out from the back forty with a 12,000 rupee bid intimidating his competition!!! Will this be the bid that takes home the coveted merchandise or will his dreams of glass be shattered to pieces by yet another one lurking in the dark shadows of the nether? Only you can decide this fate.
  12. 12050r
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  13. tuqueque edges out weeh666 with a 50r bump "out of my way" but whatsthefoxsay1 comes back around with a 12,500 rupee bid taking the lead on this action packed auction. Who will come out the victor at the end of this heated bidding frenzy and walk away with the glass prize? Will it be one of our battling contenders or someone waiting still in the shadows ready to pounce at any time? Only you have the power to determine that.
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Not open for further replies.