1.9 Nether Sneak Peek

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  1. The release of the final version (1.0) is due to launch concurrently with Minecon on 18-19 November. Before that however, Mojang is working on updating the Beta version one last time with notable changes to the armor system. Jens Bergenstein mentions tweaks to durability and armor value calculation.
  2. SNOW MEN!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. yeah the snow men chase mobs and throw snow balls at them XD
    I can't wait for 1.9 tbh. Looks good =]
  4. wtf are sheep tame able
  5. sexy time?
  6. Breedable.
  7. wow rumpy pumpy do u need to give em roofies or some thing notcice how suspiciously close to roupies it is
  8. Enchantments:

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  9. ENCHANTMENT!?!(name the game this quote is from) anyhow what are you supposed to enchant your picks and armor and swords?
  10. When I get one of those Enchanting Books in 1.9, I will enchant ALL the things!
  11. i think this it going to be fun

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  12. Heres the rest of the skills

    ID Code name In-game name Description
    1 moveSpeed Speed Movement speed increases, known levels: I, II and III
    2 moveSlowdown Slowness Movement speed decreases, plausible levels: I, II and III
    3 digSpeed Haste Mining speed increases, known levels: I, II and III
    4 digSlowDown Mining Fatigue Mining speed decreases, plausible levels: I, II and III
    5 damageBoost Strength Damage dealt increases, known levels: I, II and III
    6 heal Instant Health Constantly heals you at a fast rate. EDIT: This actually is not meant to have a duration or has a duration of 0. Will do instant damage when you drink the potion. Known levels: I, II and III
    7 harm Instant Damage Constantly damages you at a fast rate. EDIT: This actually is not meant to have a duration or has a duration of 0. Will heal instantly when you drink the potion. Known levels: I, II and III
    8 jump Jump Boost Increases jump height, level I to around 1.75 blocks and level II to 2.5 blocks, known levels: I and II EDIT: Level III jumps to around 3.25 blocks and you will take a bit of fall damage and level IV to around 4 blocks.
    9 confusion Nausea Screen goes wavy, makes walking difficult
    10 regeneration Regeneration Regenerates health (faster) EDIT: Apparently an old effect too, this has been since 1.8
    11 resistance Resistance Probably raises your armor class temporarily
    12 fire Resistance Fire Resistance No fire damage, you will still catch fire, you can also dive in lava (you can not drown in it either).
    13 water Breathing Water Breathing Infinite breath, bubbles still appear but will not decrease.
    14 invisibility Invisibility Does not seem to do anything as of now, mobs still attack and no visual change.
    15 blindness Blindness Similar to the bedrock fog, you only see black after a few blocks.
    16 nightVision Night Vision Night becomes a lot brighter, does not seem to affect caves (unconfirmed).
    17 hunger Hunger Old effect, known as food poisoning or disease. Decreases food bar faster.
    18 weakness Weakness Opposite of strength? Damage dealt decreases.
    19 poison Poison Old effect. Look up poison on minecraft wiki. Known levels: I and II
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  13. Mobs

    • Animal Breeding! Use wheat to breed. Hold wheat in your hand and they all 'should' follow you. Reports of this being a bit buggy. If you hit an animal in heat, it will stop being in heat.
    • Snow Golems attack each other when you try to breed them. And User. Use wheat to make friendly towards you.
    • Endermen now take FOUR standard (non-critical) hits with a diamond sword. Zombies & Zombie pigmen 3.
    • Endermen now instantly teleport away from water. Agro seems to reset after this. They also dodge all arrows and do not die in the sunlight anymore. New sound effect likely to come in the official release of 1.9
    • Zombie Pigmen now randomly drop rotten flesh or gold bits instead of everytime.
    • Chickens avoid lava.


    • Golden apples have a sparkly animation.
    • Golden apple also grants you Regeneration buff for 30 seconds.
    • Golden nuggets are officially called "Gold nuggets" now.
    • New Items: glass bottles, several new music discs, blaze powder, spider eyes, fermented spider eyes and magma cream. *Items uses unknown - bottles obviously for 'potions' as mentioned on twitter and not implemented yet. Possibly with official release.
    • Ender pearls teleports you with the cost of damage when thrown.
    • Ender perls do not work in MP.
    • Items can be repaired now, just as Notch specified - combine two damaged items to make one with more uses.
    • Can't get glass panes back when you break them anymore .
    • Pumpkins can be “crafted” into 4 Pumpkin Seeds.
    • Milk acts as a "clear all" for effects.
    You can read all about potions HERE.


    • Wood fences now connect to walls. Fences now only take up the space they appear to, as well as attaching to any solid block adjacent to them. This makes walking through diagonal-oriented fences possible.
    • Pressure plates on top of fence posts now make sound when you walk on them or next to them. Cannot place pressure plates on top of nether fence.
    • Fences can be placed like normal blocks.
    • Normal fences and nether fences don't connect.


    • Slimes also drip through the block they are above.
    • Hardcore Mode
    • Fire from lava doesn't burn you for nearly as long.
    • Auto-jumping has been placed back in.
    • New ID's for Items and CDs at the bottom of this post.
    • F5 is back! (Hit twice to see in first person).
    • Tooltips have purple edges.
    • Name tag "TESTIFICATE" over the villagers is gone.
    • Villages seem bigger.
    • XP Gain from jumping has been removed/fixed.
    • F8 cinematic mode is back
    • Right clicking while holding a weapon = blocking.

    Hopeful Add-Ons
    • The ability to efficiently work under water or lava in creative.
    • Official Mod Support.
    • Underwater content.
    • Volcanoes.
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  14. almost forgot

    What you can expect in the full release of 1.9
    Please post in here if you know of any other confirmations.

    • Full Use of Potions. (Without mods/cheats)
    • Enchantment Tables.
  15. New Blocks:
    ID 110 - "mycel" - Apparently related to Villages, and has appearance of either grass or snow. If we had updated sounds, it would apparently play some kind of town melody when the player is nearby or when it is stepped on.
    ID 111 - Water Lily
    ID 112 - Nether Brick
    ID 113 - Nether Fence
    ID 114 - Nether Brick Stairs
    ID 115 - Nether Stalk (some kind of plant that grows over soulsand and appears in nether strongholds)

    ue.class (Item.class)
    New Items:
    ID 369 - Blaze Rod
    ID 370 - Ghast Tear
    ID 371 - "Gold Nugget"
    ID 372 - Nether Stalk Seeds

    wt.class (BiomeGenBase.class)
    New Biomes
    ID 10 - Frozen Ocean
    ID 11 - Frozen River
    ID 12 - Ice Plains
    ID 13 - Ice Mountains
    ID 14 - Mushroom Island
    ID 15 - Mushroom Island Shore

    Enderman had their spawning frequency cut in half.

    vx.class (EntityList.class)
    New Mobs
    ID 13 - Small Fireball
    ID 61 - Lava Slime
    ID 62 - Blaze
    ID 96 - Mushroom Cow
    ID 97 - Snow Man
    ID 120 - Villager


    Part 2 New IDs

    117 - Potion
    118 - Glass Bottle
    119 - Spider Eye
    120 - Fermented Spider Eye
    121 - Blaze Powder
    122 - Magma Cream

    Part 2 New Record/CD IDs

    2002 - Blocks
    2003 - Chirp
    2004 - Far
    2005 - Mall
    2006 - Mellohi
    2007 - Stal
    2008 - Strad
    2009 - Ward
    2010 - 11
  16. very nice cant wait for enchantment book