1.8 slime blocks & residence borders

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  1. Is it known yet how slime blocks in MC1.8 will interact with residence borders?

    I'm specifically wondering what will happen if a slime block is pulled away from the edge of the residence while under the surface. Since towns have dirt under all roads, it would ordinarily pull the neighboring dirt block with it, but since that's town property it will have to either
    a) ignore the dirt block as if it were obsidian, but still allow the slime block to move; or
    b) treat the dirt block as rooted and prevent both it and the slime block from moving

    I know it sounds nitpicky but it does actually matter for a build I'm designing. My preference is for a) but I know that might be technically infeasible, so I'm just wondering which behavior to plan for.
  2. umm i dont think sticky pistons can pull town roads i dont see why slime blocks would be any different
  3. the code we have should automatically protect from slime blocks too, basically the piston event lists every block thats being moved, and if its not in the same residence, we cancel the event.
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  4. Of course they shouldn't be able to pull blocks out of Town territory, that's not what I'm asking.

    The difference is that sticky pistons will always be able to retract, even if they're not allowed to pull the block they were stuck to (because it's obsidian, or a town block, etc).

    With slime blocks, there are situations where the slime block itself is prevented from moving because it's stuck to something it can't take with it. My question is whether that will be the case at residence borders, or whether the slime block will be able to retract on a piston and just leave the town's dirt block where it is.

    (edit to clarify who I was responding to)
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  5. Right, but the question is, when you cancel the event does that mean the slime block itself also does not move, or is the slime block allowed to retract away from the edge and it's just the attached dirt block in town territory whose movement is canceled?
  6. Any chance of clarification on this? Aikar? Other developers? Bueller?
  7. I wont be able to answer that until we get to it.... But as it stands NOW, Bukkit cancelling will stop the piston from pulling back, leaving the arm stuck extended, so it would not be a good scenario.

    Last I checked, bukkit API does not allow you to modify the list of blocks to be retracted. So it would require a change in the API.
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  8. Looking at what Aikar said, it would "cancel the event" and not move at all, as it would be trying to move blocks outside of the res. But this sort of thing will come up in testing once we update to 1.8, so if it's not covered, it will be :)
  9. Okay, thanks for the details.

    I think it would be most convenient and sensible from a player's perspective if the piston and slime block would just pretend that the world ends at the edge of the res, so it acts like the Town's dirt block is air and ignores it. But if that's too much of a technical hassle, another option would be to change all the dirt under Town roads into obsidian so that pistons and slime blocks ignore it anyway. I for one would certainly be interested in that service around my res; it would even look a little nicer underground. ;)
  10. ..or, even better, replace Town's underground with bedrock. That should solve this problem neatly, and would also save people from "You cannot build in Town" error spam while excavating their res with efficiency shovels.
  11. Many people find bedrock ugly though. And besides, you won't dig through obsidian with efficiency shovels either.
  12. Fair enough, obsidian is fine by me too. I just really want to be able to move slime blocks around near the edge of my res, so that I can build a better elevator. :)