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  1. So one day I decided that I would make a shop. The day after 1.7 launched with the Acacia and Dark Oak woods. I decided that I would make a shop selling these woods, and my shop was made :D.
    Residence Number 8883

    Current Prices:
    Acacia Logs - 4 for 6r
    Dark Oak Logs - 4 for 4r
    Acacia Planks - 16 for 24r
    Dark Oak Planks - 16 for 16r
    Acacia Saplings - 1 for 5r
    Dark Oak Saplings - 1 for 20r

    I am open to any and all questions and suggestions :)
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  2. You might want to lower your prices, quite a few people have these pretty quickly so the price dropped fairly quickly.
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  3. I'll probably have to actually. I'm going to be overseas soon but ill do it as soon as I get back
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  4. Will watch this to get to know more about good prices:)
  5. Hi there! SMP2 wood shop owner here @3443. Here's my experience:

    Acacia saplings drop like crazy. I give free stacks away and I still have like 10 stacks at the end of the day. So I suggest dropping those prices.

    Dark Oak saplings don't drop as much per tree. I usually get 4-7 saplings per dark oak grown, so that means 4 go back to replanting and I don't have as many to sell. My prices on them are high in hopes that people will SELL them to me. So raise those prices (or sell them to me for rupees!)

    As for LOGS, the opposite is true. I have a ton of Dark Oak wood (chopped a lot in order to get saplings), but not very many acacia logs since they are such a pain to jump around the leaves and cut down. They sell out super fast.

    Last point - there are a LOT resellers. Expect that people will buy out your entire chest if it's even a medium price. 90% of my log buyers empty out my chests, which is why I never keep them entirely full. I only sell in bulk to trusted friends.

    My prices (quantity - buy/sell):

    Acacia Logs 64 - 110/100
    Acacia Saplings 4 - 5/4
    Dark Oak Logs 64 - 96/90
    Dark Oak Saplings 1 - 20/19
  6. that is actually a very good point. I'll be back from overseas soon so i'll modify my prices. thanks for the feedback :D
  7. lowered / raised prices and updated OP.
  8. Can you supply me with 2 DC's Dark Oak?

    I am looking for several DC's of any cheap wood, which I will turn into wood products. Do you sell other wood, or just the Acacia and Dark Oak?

    Either way, would you like to supply me with bulk cheap wood on an ongoing basis? (This would probably only suit you if you had an efficient way of harvesting wood in bulk).

  9. I'm sorry, but I recently stop accepting bulk orders because I am starting to run out of rl time. I apologise for any difficulties created :(
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  10. np thanks :)