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  1. Hey guys, when I am done typing there will prob already be one of these but here is what I found:
    Swamp biomes are a bit different, more swampy.

    Found the " Roofed Forest " - Giant mushrooms and Spruce logs ( drop oak saplings ) can be found here.

    It seems that there are retextures and Extreme hills are more stoney.

    Ice plains and Birch Forests :)


    Left to right: Podzol, Packed Ice, Ice, Podzol. Fish Left to Right: Raw Salmon, Cooked Salmon, ClownFish, and PufferFish which is used to make Water Breathing Potions.
    TULIPS! Left to right: Orange Tulip, White Tulip, Pink Tulip, Red Tulip

    2 Block High Flowers, Left to Right: Peony, Lilac, Large Fern, Double Tallgrass, Rose Bush, SunFlower

    More FLOWERS Left to right: Poppy, Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy
    Oh and don't worry, AMPLIFIED!!!!

  2. Gravely Oceans:

    Finally a warning before fish bite ( You can see a trail left by the fish/item to the right of the bobber )

    Savannas are in this!

    Since Ice Plains are boring, why not Ice Plains Spikes?

    Mega Taiga? Deal with it.

    Mnt. Minecraft standing at 191 meters high, not including that tree :)

    POSSIBLE BUG: Pink sheep must have higher spawn rates or something, I have seen 10 pink sheep while in survival mode.
  3. [Pictures Not Needed]
    2 different Oceans: Ocean and Deep Ocean.

    Super Secret Settings...

    Music & Sounds...
    Master Volume
    Jukebox & Note Blocks
    Weather ( YAY NO RAIN NOISE )
    Blocks & Environment
    Enemy Monsters
    Friendly Animals

    2 New Fishing Rod Enchantments: Luck Of The Sea III, Lure III

    You can't see through the surface of the water while in Fast, you can only you Fancy

    You can get ( what appears to be ) false enchanted items or a glitch. It shows the glow but shows to enchantments.

    Sunflower Plains

    Watermelons spawn in Jungle Biomes

    You know when you are PVPing and you are spam clicking and you die. You ever accidently spam click the title screen? Well instead of accidently spam clicking into the title screen it has a " Are you sure you want to quit? " that pops up :D
  4. ohhhhh is this confirmed somewhere?
  5. Cool snapshots! I'm already liking the fishies and the flowers! :D
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  6. Snapshot available in the new MC Launcher which you should already have :)
  7. So what does amplified biomes do?
  8. Sweet! Purple flowers! New biomes are exciting, can't wait for 1.7! I always wondered whether there would be any new mobs in 1.7, like new ocean mobs. A volcanic biome would be neat.
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  9. New fish...
    It simulates the skylands I guess in a way. There is hardly any even ground, heights can go up to 256, it is all crazy mannnn
  10. FISHIE! :eek:
    I like fish, just saying. (Finding Nemo rocks!)
  11. By the way, there are new enchantments just for fishing rods! Also when a fish is about to bite you see particles of water "swimming" to your rod
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  12. Skylands?
    I MUST PLAY!!!
    If only I had a computer that was capable of playing Minecraft right now...
  13. Skylands? I love Skylands! I wanna live there! But its not real. I'll live in a beach when I grow up. :p
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  14. This is just a joke.
  15. I just post what is there.

  16. Then here comes some hungry fisher person.... thanks jeb... thanks...

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  17. you forgot a biome so I will put the pics for it up its called a mesa it is really messy. there are floating islands with stone and sandstone underneath the sandstone is in waves over stone

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  18. Will find it and post pics, still trying to find Redwood and mesa now.
  19. I can only find one mesa look at my pic's I have a lot more if you want them. how did you get the redwood grass?
  20. Creative Mode :)