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    With that said and done, I can now say my idea.
    With 1.7 closing in on us, not many people are wondering what the server icon will be.

    That picture is for those of you who don't know what the server icon is. It is a 64x64 image that will be to the left of the Minecraft Server ( such as EMC ).

    I suggest that we have a contest for the server icon so that we have an appropriate icon that the community picks and obviously enjoys.

    Leave your ideas, confusion, and your favorite movie below.
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  2. i think it should be the EMC logo
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  3. Done in one.
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  4. Maybe a gold block! (Has always been a symbol of EMC)

    (Got these from Google)
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  5. in 64x64? perhaps not
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  6. well maybe make the top & bottom a bit shorter
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  7. Just put this together in Paint.NET...

    <--- See that? That's EMC's logo in 4096 pixels². And the top and bottom being longer would actually help it, in terms of looking better despite being smaller.
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  8. National Treasure 1
  9. hm, i guss your right
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