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  1. Okay, so I'm new to the forums, and sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

    Okay, so I'm kinda getting stressed out here. My MC launcher automatically updated my Minecraft to 1.7.2, which means I can't go on Empire. When will it be updated? Because I'm afraid I will lose my four residences, and I cannot get the free Halloween gift ;-;

    Please help

    - Sasha
  2. update.emc.gs and it will update within a week or 2. vote to maintain your res and derelict has been extended to 30 days. With the new launcher you can change to what version you're on. Also, since you are a supporter you will not loose your res. Go to launcher>select a profile> edit> versions> 1.6.4
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  3. Haha next time there is a handy dandy help thread. And if you experience more problems check the guides.
  4. With the new launcher you can switch between versions easily. Like earlier today i went on a server with 1.3...