1.7.2 New blocks and Biome's Discussion. :)

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  1. Is there a thread on this already?

    So I've only just started looking into the new 1.7.2 Blocks and Biomes.

    I loaded up a new SP (Single Player) world using 1.7.2, to find out what to expect in world generation. I've also quickly looked into the wiki info on new blocks, and new biomes. And it all looks really interesting.

    Some new biomes were very plentiful. The Mesa, the Savannah were both found many times through my travels. But the Ice spikes sub-biome was rare, I found just 1 small area. And the Mega-taiga I never found at all. I cheated and loaded up a seed of a world someone had already discovered a huge Mega-Taiga, and found the huge biome was surrounded with Taiga Biomes and other random biomes. So that didn't help much in figuring out how to find a mega-taiga. :) Other than, it'll probably be surrounded by a very thin Taiga Biome.

    Some info on new 1.7.2 blocks, starting with the 2 (probably) most valuable:

    Packed Ice
    - ONLY Found in Ice Spike sub-biome of Ice Plains/hills.
    - Ice forms in small 'obelisks', with the occasional 60 block high thin spike of packed ice. It goes just 2-3 blocks under ground level, with normal dirt/stone around it.
    - Does not melt at all.
    - Obtained using Silk Touch Pick
    - Cannot be created or crafted in any way.
    - Otherwise same properties as normal Ice. (except you cannot make it by freezing water)

    - ONLY Found in Mega Taiga biome (which appears to be surrounded by thin Taiga Biome)
    - Covers part of the surface of Mega Taiga biome, sharing the ground with normal dirt/stone.
    - Does NOT spread like Mycelium or Grass does.
    - Grass and Mycelium cannot spread to a PodZol block
    - Can plant almost anything on Podzol. It acts like Mycelium for growing mushrooms. And can grow anything that Dirt/Grass can grow. (Not sure what happens if you hoe it)
    - Obtained using a Silk Touch Shovel
    - Cannot be created or crafted (as it does not spread like grass/mycelium)

    (Painted) Hardened Clay
    - Found in Mesa Biome (often found next to Desert and Savannah biomes)
    - Mesa contains 'layers' of different:
    = painted Hardened Clay
    = Hardened Clay (mostly this)
    = Clay
    = Red Sand
    - Other than the occasional 1-2 layers of dirt on top, Mesa's have clay's and red sands down to level 61-62

    - found in various biomes depending on flower type.
    - Found abundantly in Flower Forrest Biome, and are of all types (covers about 90% of the ground)

    Anyone have anything else to add? :) or Corrections to make?

  2. I like that you listed items, I'm excited for the new woods, but where can dark oak be found?
  3. Roofed forst biome
  4. So many new biomes, I hope it makes collecting easier
  5. Personally I don't think podzol or packed ice will be worth much. With the amount of people going to get them and since the blocks uses are limited and that they don't look great they won't be much.
  6. Roofed Forrest Biome
    - Fairly common, found everywhere.
    - Heavily covered in 2x2 by 4-9 high Dark Oak trees.
    - Dark Oak wood is Dark version of Oak, a little lighter than Spruce
    - Dark Oak PLANKS are darker than Spruce planks.
    - Also has occasional Red and Brown mushrooms. (makes it easily identifiable on livemap)
  7. Can not wait to enjoy stained glass outside of my single player, my cathedral's will be looking smexy..
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  8. I can think of many uses for them.

    Though packed ice for EMC isn't that valuable, given ice doesn't melt in town.It does have a different texture, and very useful in the wild. It is a finite resource, limited by where it is found in the wild/waste.

    Podzol can be used in place of dirt, grass, or mycelium, and prohibits the spread of grass and mycelium. And again, cannot be created or crafted.

    What will make them valuable is the fact they cannot be crafted, or created. unlike other similar blocks which are unlimited in number.
  9. Weird you found the mesa biome a lot. I did a creative fly-over, and I found a ton of Savanna, Dark Forest, and Mega Taiga Biomes, but I only found one Mesa and no Ice Spikes. I don't think I found any Flower Forests either, and that is the only place purple flowers are found, so that is important. Oh, and I found a bunch of Sunflower Plains, which is the only way to find Sunflowers.
  10. When I see Mesa biome's I always think a replica of the grand canyon and a ole western town, it's screaming for one :p
  11. The Bryce Mesa is apparently modeled after the Bryce canyon or something. And occurs somewhere in about half the Mesa's.
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  12. I don't really like the Mesa biome, i love the savannah M biome
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  13. Mesa is my favorite, I don't like the roofed forest though.
  14. I love the roofed forest, the grass colour is ehhh
  15. ... Why would you love or not like any Biome? :) I don't understand.

    You don't like the look of it?
    You don't like the way they made it?
    You don't like what exactly?
  16. Yes there were a few threads on this. They died down after a while.
  17. I mainly just want a lot of packed ice for decorations cause I love ice and snow blocks...