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    By Now your probably lost and have no clue where this is going by the tittle and photo. Well here's some info about the tittle:
    Xenophon: pronounced X-eno-fon
    Xenophon was a greek who had written an extensive treatise on horsemanship
    So now you at least know this is about horses.
    Well you might be saying: Minner! Why do I need a horse on a different server than my home server!
    Good Question Chap! This stable will be located on:
    SMP 5
    And guess what else is on SMP eh?
    Thats right! Use your horse in the mobarena (if able too ) or have one that you can stroll around town with!
    Minner! I can't Teleport while I'm ridding a horse!
    Point taken thats why the stable is ( fairly xD ) close to the Mobarena!
    smp5.EmpireMinecraft.com LIVE MAP.png
    And Who doesn't like a little ride on a horse
    And guessing the horses speed from the snapshots you should be at the Mobarena in 1 minute or less!

    Also I will be providing a service where I ride the horses over to the mobarena then Give you the reigns!

    Note: the Picture at the top are test stables
    Guess what? The best thing is that Every part of the horse stable can be customizable!
    But, the stables have to have the 6 by 5 shape, but all the blocks are customizable!

    Also: There will be 2-4 Stables that will cost 5k that are custom made with: quartz, Diamond Block or Emerald Block, and any other building block you want (within reason) YOU DESIDE!

    Renting a Stable:
    There will be 4 to 8 stables available to rent for a period of Monday thru Wednesday with a spawned horse that if it gets killed there is no penalty
    Those will cost 300r for the 3 days and 100 for each horse
    So 400 minimum
    ( After the first horse is bought, you may bring eggs to spawn and not have to pay the 100r! )

    Buying a Stable:
    There will be 20 to 24 stables to buy
    These are customizable and come with a free horse egg!
    Price: 2.5k
    Minner! Who would pay 2.5k for a stable!
    These stables are for you to store horses for Mobarena! If you use them you will need a place you store your heroic horse!

    Mob Arena Drop off:
    For 100r (Plus Horse Eggs cost) I will bring a horse and give it to you at the mobarena res

    Order Sheet:

    To Rent: say which week (Monday thru Wednesday) you want it and if you want to how many horse eggs you would like to purchase to store at the stables in an access chest (If all eggs do not get used, you may keep the rest)

    To Buy:
    (Fill out)
    Stable Spot: (Insert Number Here)
    Wood: (Oak,Jungle,Pine,Birch)
    Stairs: (Oak,Jungle,Pine,Birch)
    Slabs: (Oak,Jungle,Pine,Birch)
    (Or, pm me on the forums with a creative Screenshot of a design you have built yourself)

    Stables Spots:
    6 Renter Stables
    6 Elite Stables
    16 Custom Stables

    Anyways: Hope you like the idea :D
    (Not saying I'm the first to make a stable, but, first to make a mobarena horses stable)

  2. Looks very Nice
  3. Updated with "Stable Spots"
  4. Xenophon also wrote Oeconomicus, a piece of writing describing efficient running of a household, with many principles which are today applied to modern economics. :)
  5. Very good, but I see one major flaw:
    As soon as a mob touches another residence, it disappears. So it's gonna be pretty tough to ride around and not touch any reses.
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  6. There has been talk about Aikar letting horses bypass that.
  7. Also I have ridden a pig with a saddle in between res's including the MA
  8. SPECIAL DEAL: 500r off on buying a stable! Deal only lasts until 1.6 comes out! Get your stable now ;)
  9. Ok, no ones interested. I get it. Bad idea. But! For 1.5k ( 1k off of buying price ) you may get a Stable that comes with: 1 free horse egg and a saddle! What a deal!