1.6.3 is out!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by gollark, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. I know we've all been waiting for 1.7,but 1.6.3 is out and I think it generates canyons.
  2. :O I dunno, but... this seems... Fishy.
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  3. ... 1.6.3 ....?
    I thought it was 1.7 next.
  4. I'm trying to play on it know but it is loading :/
  5. 1.6.3 is just in preparation for the new world gen of 1.7, no canyons yet unfortunately
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  6. there is nuthing new to it.
  7. 1.6.3 Is just a bug fix update. Nothing new was added.
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  8. It helps the generation for 1.7, so it is something new at least :p
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  9. Yes, witch is a bit more then just your regular bug fix. (smarter then your average bear)
  10. Its mainly to lock generated structures in place like witch huts and nether fortresses, otherwise they would generate according to the worlds seed and not where they've already spawned pre update
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  11. Pun intended? Because of all the fishing updates!
  12. So is EMC compatible with it yet?
  13. Don't think so... but I'll try it out
  14. Nope, it is not compatible with EMC But it is called snapshot 1.6.3 I find that weird....
  15. since it is not a release it is called a snapshot by defalt
  16. We will hopefully update tonight. I wish mojang wouldnt of did the release this way...

    There was no reason to block 1.6.3 clients from connecting to 1.6.2.
  17. mine says 1.6.4! and also cannot connect to the 1.6.2 client. even when reverting to a user profile of 1.6.2 :confused: really odd
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  18. There is really no point of this.
  19. even on minecraft.net it says nothing about a 1.6.3 let alone a 1.6.4!
  20. actually scrap that its working now :p