[1.5] Severe lag-spike while using buckets

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Kephras, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. One of my preferred building techniques for laying down large swaths of stone is to make a lake of water and pour lava on it. Since the update though, I've been getting impossible lag-spikes when attempting to place lava buckets, and water to a lesser degree. It places / picks up / places/ and picks up again in the span of about four frames, and does not actually pour.

    In addition, I've somehow created two blocks of obsidian (so far) by accidentally dousing my lava source - after it was safely returned to my bucket for further use.
  2. Messaged Aikar about it
  3. My friend is having an issue that may be related to this on Smp2. He's trying to boat out to an island there, but whenever he tries moving he just seemingly stays in the exact same spot, and after about a minute he starts falling through the world. Although, once he relogs he ends up being in the location he would have been had it showed him moving.
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  4. The boat issue was an upstream spigot problem and was fixed over the weekend.

    I was unable to reproduce any issues with buckets though.