[1.5 Giveaway + Autobiography] The greatest year of my Minecraft life

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  1. So here it is. 376 days now? Already? Wow, what a year. Guess it's time for the traditional autobiography!

    Disclaimer - This is vastly what really happened. Some details are improvised. As you can tell, this is a wall of text. TL;DR? Don't post.

    Like many new recruits of EMC, I was just bored, looking for servers online. I came across a site with EMC ads all over the margins. I thought "Huh, I'll give it a shot." I went here, got my account, went to SMP1... and a TUTORIAL? I wanted to play Minecraft! I zoomed aimlessly around, running by many "Read the Guide for answers!" signs. I caved after a few minutes and breezed through the tutorial with the Guide at my service. So begins my love of the Guide. I walked out into a quiet empire. The "SpaceShuttleFan has joined the Empire!" thing hadn't been implemented yet. I settled down at 1079, next to a half-finished house, another half finished house, and the res of a certain Terr. The building began quickly. I rushed to the shop and loaded up on stone slabs, glass, and netherrack. With this, I made a humble house on the edge of the res. A bit later, I began individually selling spare items out of a single chest on the path leading to my house. Then 1.2 came out, and I splurged on two redstone lamps and made my first post. This is the exact quote, found after a long, long bout of looking through my history:
    I eggified about 7 ocelots and sold them at 500R a pop. I got one recently for 100. :nostalgia: After this, I opened my first shop. I sold spawn eggs, some redstone things, and all four types of planks. This was a novelty at the time, and I got over 1,000R for the first time since I'd joined. Before that. I'd been living day-to-day on the 100R sign-in bonus. I built a giant wool creeper, and I then got bored of SMP1. I packed up everything important and moved to a nice corner res on SMP3. I settled down, rebuilt a better house, and put mycelium in the front lawn. I rebuilt my shop, but I never opened it. I began work on Orion Tower, better known to me as a cobblestone cube. In fact, here's a pic:

    But the tower never expanded, and the shop never opened. I was once again bored, mostly because of the dead community of SMP3. I recognized nobody from the forums. So I went back to SMP1. There, I claimed res 2585, where I built my redstone shop. I remember being sold 10K of stock in one day, draining my account. I was on the way back from mining, watching the infinite sell messages. My brain was screaming "NO, PERSON! STOP SELLING! PLEASE! As it turned out, it was my neighbor. :D
    I began work on the Shard, another never-completed project. To this day, I still want to build it. I'll try again soon. Here's the foundation.

    After a long spout of falling in and out of Minecraft, I came back, unclaimed 2585, and noticed that res #1337 was open. I had drooled when I teleported there back in my early days, wishing I had that res number - and here was my chance! I couldn't believe my luck, and I eagerly claimed the res. I began a rocket project, and that fell down the well of my boredom also. I decided to try something I'd never seen before. I began a space station, hoping I would outsmart my own attention span this time. It's still going.

    And that brings us to the present day. Here's to more great years, fellow Empire Minecraftians!

    Giveaway is 3 posts down.
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  2. Cool! Yah, for me you were in the background, and then BAM! SSF everywhere!
  3. First post! Ill take 69 when you do the giveaway xD

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  4. Alright, here's the giveaway part. I have some things lying around the LLO that I need to get rid of. They include:
    • about 6 stacks of redstone (will be pre-converted to blocks)
    • 2 diamond blocks
    • an enchanting table
    It's not to the scale of 1.5 million rupees, but it's something. Winners will be drawn by random.org in this way:
    1. Diamond block + enchanting table
    2. Diamond block
    3. Half of the redstone (any leftovers will be kept by me)
    4. Half of the redstone
    5. A potato in a PM
    9. bat192a
    14. MVPworldseries
    16. HylianNinja
    24. nick5013
    28. inpixies
    38. TheMinner333

    Distribution details
    Prizes will be distributed by Easter or the update of EMC, whichever comes later. Expect a day or two past that to get your prize.
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    Maybe I should post a biography... I'll do that.
  10. I doth request 18 my dear friend! I doth remembereth when thou first settled down! *Nostalgia*
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    Grats on 1+ year.
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