1.4 MC - New Ways to Troll, or trap, or nostalgia

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  1. Oh, what's this? *Presses*
    Was that a piston? *Looks up"
    Oh fff--- *Dead*
    (Is crushed by an anvil)

    Just messing around on the new snapshot. It brings back old cartoon memories. I had no armor, and the anvil fell from 10 y above me. Still messing around with things.

    Also- stacked anvils make cool towers.

    Someone probably mention these things somewhere- but I haven't seen it yet- So I feel innovative and smart. :p
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  2. Gives me good ideas for traps in the LLOlympics Mineshaft race. Thanks.
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  3. Hahha no prob- im creative.

    Yea I was thinking at some point creating a ladder that has a tripwire at the bottom covers the ladder in lava which forces the person to run forward through a hall way of falling anvils. =P (or something like that)
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  4. I hate to be pedantic (no actually, I love it :D) but in Minecraft, a block has been defined as exactly 1x1x1 meters. The yard is just a silly wannabe-meter, but doesn't quite reach up with its only 0.9144 m length. :p
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  5. Care to help design that? After your non-guitar project of course. :p
  6. xD Wasn't talking about as a yard, but referring to the 'y' axis. Ha, good ol' pedagogues. :p
  7. I'm actually on two other servers, and other projects on EMC. OF COURSE! I can help =] If you have skype everything is way easier to organize.
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