1.4 lava glitch?

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  1. I was out in the wild, during a lightning storm trying to kill a zombie. I stacked a dirt pillar so that I could drop an anvil on him and I was struck by lightning. After the lightning struck me, the ground below me turned into lava. Is this a glitch? 2012-11-04_16.39.37.png
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  2. You had a sword, why go to that much trouble, geez...
    But srs now, the only thing close to that in the bugs was this;
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  3. I wanted to kill it with an anvil so that it would drop a head. Theres a slim chance that when you kill an enemy with an anvil, it will drop its head.
  4. Now just watch, everyone will want to drop anvils on themselves to get a Steve head.
  5. You have to wear a mob head then drop an anvil on yourself.
  6. I already killed myself in town. :p
  7. Anvils kill you in town?
  8. Does that guarantee you a steve head?
    And yes they do, for now.
  9. Actually, don't wan't to disappoint, but the Wiki mentions nothing.
  10. i read on the wiki that you can only obtain wither skeleton heads in survival and the other 4 are as of right now only available in creative mode.