1.3 is out do I update?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mba2012, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Hey! As 1.3 just came out is EMC compatible with it yet or do I have to wait to update the game? I would really love to get it but I want to be bale to play on EMC.
  2. Sorry can this be locked my minecraft just majorly glitched out and said that 1.3 was available.
  3. Don't update your MC if you want play EMC, Justin will make a Thread announcing when its safe to update MC and keeping playing on EMC
  4. Yeah I recently reinstalled minecraft cause java 64 bit was being weird when I installed it and it said "update now" and I was like. "Wait.. 1.3 shouldn't be out for another.. *************" I figured it was just cause of me reinstalling minecraft. :p
  5. OMG! 1.3 is out diamonds to u !!!!!!!
  6. Edit: Never mind ยก I will take the diamonds back!

    For those who are wondering .... 1.3 is out !!!! Force update your minecraft (possible troll)
  7. 1.3 is out, don't update till later. Nuf said.
  8. so confused :p
    If I can't actually play in emc, at least I can be in the forums
    Oh, and for when 1.3 will come out, i have multiple jars.
    some with cheat mods (ssp) some with destruction mods (ssp again, if there was a "banning for cheating" in ssp, I would be banned a while ago, in mc beta 1.5_01!
    And i have the latest build jar, (latest snapshot, again, ssp)
    And I have the vanilla jar (just the base for other jars i make (modify)
    And, finally, I have the non-cheats modded jar, for smp/emc (it's pretty much the same for me :) )