1.3 Competition

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by d1223m, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Welcome to 1.3! Rejoice! And to celebrate I'm running a competition for the adventurers
    out there! I'm offering a total of 100k rupees to the first people who find the new structures on the EMC servers!

    Simply (ha!) go out really far into unexplored EMC wilderness and find yourself one of the new structures and send me (d1223m) the coordinates, a screenshot (preferably with F3 debug info turned on) and hope you got there first!

    The new structures are:
    • Desert Temple
    • Jungle Temple
    • Desert Villages
    Im donating 100k the prize fund which will be split equally between the first players to find one of each of the structures (but donations are of course always welcome to the prize fund!).

    Just to make it clear:
    • the player who finds the first Desert Temple will get one 3rd the prize fund
    • the player who finds the first Jungle Temple will get another 3rd of the prize fund
    • one player is allowed to find more than one structure
    • by "first" I mean the first player to send me coordinates, server number and a screenshot ( with F3 debug info turned on if you can )
    • any entries without all the info in the last point will not be considered
    If you don't find one of the structures first, dont despair! There will be another screenshot competition coming up shortly involving screenshots with the new structures!