Desert Temple?

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  1. I'm assuming this is what this is...

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  2. Congrats. Remember not to break the blue wool when you find it. That would end badly.
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  3. Sshhh, don't tell them that :p It's an exciting surprise!
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  4. ummmm what does the blue wool do?
  5. you have me scared now. so far i've walked around this thing and there's nothing there... except the floor does have orange and blue wool but that's the only thing i see.
  6. break the blue block ;)
  7. Break the orange wool, and then look down. Don't stand on the pressure plate. Break it and then break the sandstone around it and you will see.
  8. Stand on the Blue wool, then break it. Their is treasure down their for ya. Hopefully you find diamonds!
  9. you all are quite mean LOL

    i dug around the whole thing and came in from the side and saw what was waiting down there.... this is a mean trick Notch is playing! it helps that i googled it before i did it too.
  10. i saw some other structures in other deserts that look like wells... but i didnt explore them. this was def one of the temples.
  11. If you say a well, without anything with it. Its nothing. But if you saw a village with a well, you are one lucky dog.
  12. ... And hopefully your awaiting diamonds won't be blown sky-high :3
  13. Really?
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  14. i already came across three NPC villages... as you know, i'm out in the non-generated areas so everything is brand new