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  1. I updated 1.3.1 and I was just looking on single player, I thought you can go back 1.2.3 can you do it? Can you tell me how please. Will I loose my res if I can't go on for 10 days and when will 1.3.1 be coming out on empire Minecraft?
  2. well they turned off the idle policy since they expected people to do this and search on youtube and google i don't have a link to the site to downgrade but someone else might
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  3. There is a way to downgrade. I'm sure someone will post/has posted it. You will not lose your res. EMC cannot update until bukkit has updated their plug-ins.
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  4. +1 for sqiggley and hayley
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  5. They are testing the new bukkit version for bugs etc as soon as they are happy with it and have done all the work around's so it works with all existing plugins then it will updated.

    There is a way to go back but you would need to read the info attached to the post on the home page which talks about not updating yet.
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  6. Thanks guys
  7. its what us forum surfer's do best ;)
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