1,000th post!

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  1. Well, hello there fellow empire minecrafters. This is a special day for me, the day that I posted my 1,000th post. This, actually happens to be it. I remember 146 days ago, when I was bored and looking for a server, when I found an ad for Empire Minecraft. I decided to see if it was a nice server, not knowing how far it would lead me. So here I am, 1,000 posts, 256 likes, 88 trophey points, 2 residences, a gold supportership, and lots of help later. Never did I think I would find a server that has been so welcoming. I have enjoyed my stay here, and will continue to enjoy this server. Thank you.
    - Qwerty189
  2. Congratulations, and may you post many more posts. ;)
  3. Congrats on staying this long. I'm coming up on an achievement like this soon (I think).
  4. Congrats I remember when I got 1000 posts. We celebrated by marknaanjier pming me :p
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