1,000,000 Rupees!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VITIRI, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. I have just hit 1,000,000 rupees. That was my #1 EMC goal and I've hit it! Thank you all who have bought my from my shop and the winners of all my auctions. :D
  2. And I'm just sitting here, with 11K.

  3. Congrats! I can't seem to keep rupees :oops:
  4. congrats bro, you see VIT, you work hard to get something and you can achieve it. Now lets celebrate!!!
  5. I say we celebrate with a giveaway! XD

    Say, 1 million rupees?

    (hosted by u, of course, i mean, i dont have that kinda money...)

    unless i win that giveaway :3

    Oh, and congratz XD
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  6. Yay Votero:D
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  7. Gratz
    I get tons of money then somehow i spend it all...
    then i sell everything i dont want(which is everything i bought)
    and the profit somehow.
    Hope i can reach the same goal you and few others have achieved :p
  8. Congrats ViTiRi!
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  9. and I thought I'm rich when I crossed my 50k goal...
    Oh and congratz
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  10. Good job! Its funny how I beated you to 1,000,000 c:

    Keep up the good work
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  11. By the time I have this much money...
    I think I wont!
    Congratulations! Spend wisely :)
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  12. Nice job! :)
    674,792 r for me to hit amil...
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  13. Well done! How did you manage to get that many?
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  14. congrats D00D KAN I HAZ TEH MONEYZ PLZ
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  15. Congrats! I have recently reached my goal too!:D
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  16. Auctions, mostly iron.
  17. Congrats!:) 1m seems so far off…into spaaaaaace…:eek:
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  18. Only 30k for me. But congragulations!
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