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  1. Have you ever had something on your chest that you wanted to blatantly yell out but you don't because it will only get you in trouble?
  2. Yes I have but usually keep it to myself
  3. Nope. I usually don't talk.
  4. Yep but same as sqiggleyjiff just keep it to myself
  5. Yeah. I bottle it up for a couple of months/years then when it over flows, I take it out on someone I love... ;w;
  6. I say what's on my mind. Which usually gets me in trouble.
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  7. Well, what I do is yell "YOLO" and run to go get done whatever needs to get done.....
    I yell "For Narnia!"
    Nvm, just take what my mom says to me, face your fears,and charge right at them.
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  8. Well it depends on what it is. What i do is weigh the pro's and con's and see if the decision to let out whatever it is your trying to get off your chest is worth it.
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  9. Regarding this web sight, I normally type it out, realize how pointless it is, and refresh the page.

    In life I have a bad habit of being brutally honest. But people know that they get the truth from me and not what I think they want to hear. But like Jeff said weigh the pros and cons. Or voice your opinion to a third party and get feed back from them first.
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  10. I know this will sound like I'm sitting on a boulder, the sun setting behind me and humming some sort of mystic chant.... But, sometimes your point is made better by whispering rather than yelling. And the trouble you think you will stir up will turn out to be no more than a ripple. People don't listen to yelling, they only react. If you're cleaver and creative when dealing with a tough situation, you are in a better position to find resolution. Whew, now back to my meditation. :)
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  11. On EMC I usually don't hesitate to debate something I disagree with. But if it's just going to destroy friendships, start a huge argument then I keep it to myself :/
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  12. I'll always bottle it up. But that always lead me to having insomnia, sleepless night on what I should have or not have done and what I would want to do in the near future.