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  1. Early Supplier Sells Higher!

    There are plenty of empty chests waiting.

    Hurry to /v 12221 on smp6 to check which chests are still empty!

    Top suppliers will get a special reward on official shop opening (in 1-2 weeks).

    Upper chests = High stock => good price!

    Lower chests = Low stock => high price!

    The lights show which chests are not empty.
    Light off = chest is empty.

    Due to an EMC and/or Bukkit bug, the lights won't update right after buying or selling - sometimes. It is necessary to "reset" the comparators by stepping onto one of the pressure pads on that floor (near the stairs).

    Please report any shop sign mistake and get a reward.
    This includes way too high or way too low price.
    (Transactions are monitored with a shop tool, any abuse is easily detected.)
    Please let me know if you think that any of the prices needs adjustment.


    EDIT: available locations - /v 12221 <location>

    armor / armour, clay / stclay / hardclay, color / colour / dyes, drops / mobdrops, end, gems, glass, ingots, iron, nether, ore / ores / ores2, quartz, sand, stone, stone2, tools, util / utils, weapons, wood, wool
  2. Ill be there momentarily B)
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  3. Be there soon
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  4. Nice shop design
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  5. This place looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it open!
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  6. Yes love shops on smp6
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  7. Do you need stone cobble sand or glass ?
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  8. This teleport locations can be used now:

    /v 12221 <location>

    armor, armour
    clay, stclay, hardclay
    color, colour, dyes
    drops, mobdrops
    ore, ores, ores2
    stone, stone2
    util, utils
  9. I need 30 DCs of glass, either plain or stained, 3 DCs of each color :)
    I'm smelting sand and making around 1 DC per day.
    Stone and cobble chests are (almost) full atm.
  10. This place looks nice, i bought some diamonds myself ;)
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  11. Very well organized and visually pleasing shop. Well done! I don't do much economy stuff, but if I ever need to purchase something, I'll keep this in mind.
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