♪ "Oh EMC" - A parody to "Oh Christmas Tree"

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  1. Merry Christmas on behalf of the staff of Empire Minecraft! It is my absolute pleasure to present to you our very own parody to "Oh Christmas Tree" which is called "Oh EMC"!

    The staff and I have been working together for about a month to produce this masterpiece! Show it some love by liking it, adding it to your YouTube favourites and even subscribing! Share it with all your friends so they get a better understanding of just how great Empire Minecraft is!

    Special thanks to Singing Bell for the backing track!

    Get social with the Stads

    Oh EMC, Oh EMC!
    The players are of plenty
    Oh EMC, Oh EMC!
    With everyone for Christmas

    With custom code from Aikar here,
    Scary mobs spawned over here and there.
    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    With everyone for Christmas!

    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    Packed fresh with vanilla fun!
    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    You span across ten servers!

    For every year on EMC,
    Brings to us all a plot to build.
    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    Plot be sixty by sixty!

    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    Very fair rules to follow!
    Plenty of adults, who, are staff
    Banning all the bad guys

    Just connect with
    a simple link:
    Quick type, empire.us

    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
    Just so much fun all the time

    Oh EMC, Oh EMC!
    A thriving community
    Oh EMC, Oh EMC,
  2. What lovely voices (especially the Scottish one)
  3. Oh, how great:)
    Lyrics and video is great. Voices too, well, most of the time;)
  4. Video and the voices are good, but the lyrics aren't too good. Still, nice video :D
  5. This is cute!
    Who are the ones who sang this? Got that figured out at the credits :p
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  6. At least we could understand you most of the time =P
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  7. Probably because most of them don't talk in mumble a lot, the only voice I recognized was Kryssy's, and possibly chicken's

    Bite is pretty good at singing as well :p
  8. Great job _Stads_. the video turned out great! (Had already heard the audio part :p) lol
  9. Who took the footage?
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  10. IcecreamCow
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  11. I like it, but i have the feeling it was recorded over mumble? :p Very good song though :D
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  12. This is awesome! :D
    Pretty amazing voice you got their. :3
  13. Each person recorded it separately and sent to stads to compile
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  14. An awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit! Great work Stads And OBAM Gaming!
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  15. Oh boi. Yes.
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  16. Great
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  17. Wow, that was soooo cool. Great job guys! And they recorded seperately!!...Stads excellent job piecing it together.
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  18. this is the best EVER!
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  19. Well done, well done! <3
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