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  1. Hello all! talukegord and I got AC:NL a few days ago and have been playing it a lot. So, why not make new friends here? I'll be getting the island tomorrow, so it would be fun for us to play games together, have some friendly competitions, and just have some get togethers c:
    Maybe also share some tips, tricks, and information here.

    We can exchange friends codes, if you'd like!

    Mine is 2277-6633-4613
    taluke's is 3007-8397-6120

    - me and taluke with our great catches -
  2. I've played animal crossing; wild world.
    I loved it SOOOO much :D
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  3. I finally broke down and ordered a 3DS and Animal Crossing today.
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  4. Haha, that's great! It is so fun, you will not regret it. We can play together too if you'd like :D
  5. Umm... maybe. Don't take that the wrong way; I am just not a very social person. I might play with you guys occasionally... maybe.
  6. Oh don't worry, it's totally cool if you don't want to.
  7. 4768-7583-0240. i am usually playing new leaf when i am on smp8.
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  8. Ha!
    I'm pretty sure i have the original animal crossing :p its awesome.
  9. Oi, I've played every game. Not a noob yo
  10. Respect. image.jpg
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  11. I have played every AC (except the one or two released only in Japan, of course). The first one had the really annoying acre system. I am really glad they dropped that.
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  12. Has anyone here played the original animal crossing.... I remember it always confused me, all i could do was fail at catching butterflies :p
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  13. I played :p
  14. To answer your question, yes.
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  15. Heard of it, never played.
  16. Certainly looks good…where does it rank with the rest?
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  17. Better than anything and everything.
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  18. 3007-8086-4712
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  19. I only want it because of Dr. Shrunk, seeing as he's an Axolotl and all...

    I won't be getting it though. I don't have the money for a 3DS and tbh i'm happy with my lite and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Also i've played the one for the Wii.

    Once I do get money the first thing i'm buying is The Last Of Us, and then possibly an alt account.
  20. today will be my third day of new leaf but i'm going to a camp for the next week so ill give my code out then after i get back and fix up my city from a weeks worth of weeds
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