△▼Selling△▼ Mined Materials!

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  1. Hey guys :)
    Professor here, after a successful mining trip i've decided to sell what i've gathered so far. I have chest shops set up at 18309.

    ♢Diamonds are 55r
    ♢Iron ore is 2r
    ♢Gold ore is 4r
    ♢Blue Dye is 4r
    ♢16 Redstone dust is 20r
    ♢64 Cobblestone is 20r
    ♢64 Stone bricks are 20r

    Thanks again! :)
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  2. Bought it all out. :)
  3. PM me with diamonds. If you dont tell anyone else, Ill buy them for 60r each ;)
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  4. >.>

    Anyways, good luck with this :)
  5. Thank you! I plan on going mining once I get myself another pickaxe. I will bump this post next time I become in stock again.
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  6. I'll pay a visit once I get on my laptop!
  7. Everything except for diamonds in stock, A very kind gentleman named 72Volt bought all of them :)
  8. i want all the gold ore you have please
  9. o and iron lol
  10. Do we have to ask you to reserve it or do we just show up to buy? If reserving I would like the redstone, if buying I will swing by when I get home from work and see if it is still there. If someone else buys it, no problem. :)
  11. All out of stock again :( Sorry guys! I'll go mining again in a bit.