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  1. ⚜Presenting⚜
    Ælisium Build Service by Eclipsys

    A while back I opened up a build service on EMC, one of the first ever created on EMC. The service was a great success and I was drowning in build service requests. At some point I didn't have the time to combine my university obligations with Minecraft and I shut it down. The service made a 2.0 rentree but that got closed down eventually as well.

    But now...

    It's Back, Baby!

    Ælisium offers a high quality, experienced build service that will build anything for you that you might be looking for! Using only top quality materials and utmost dedication to the job we'll create your dream castle for you!

    Introducing the Ælisium team:
    Eclipsys' Portfolio:

    galazeek's Portfolio:


    Please send us a private conversation using this format:
    SMP / Res number:
    Build pack:
    Approx. size:
    Materials you want used:
    Build style:
    reference pictures:

    ⚜ Services Ælisium offers: ⚜

    ⚜ Pack A info:*
    Cost: 300.000r (300k)
    Size: 30x30 / max 4 floors / max floor height 5 blocks
    YOU supply the materials

    Pack B info:*
    Cost: 475.000r (475k)
    Size: 60x60 / max 6 floors / max height per floor 5 blocks
    YOU supply the materials

    Pack C info:*
    Cost 500.000r (500k + amount spent on expensive blocks)
    Size: 60x60 / max 6 floors / max height per floor 5 blocks
    I buy/supply the materials myself

    Garden Pack info:
    Cost: 150.000r (150k)
    Size: 60x60 / any buildstyle you want
    I buy/supply the materials myself

    Tower Pack info:*
    Cost 1.000.000r (1mill+)
    Size 60x60 / max 15 floors / max height per floor 10 blocks
    I buy/supply the materials myself

    Utopia Pack info:
    Cost: -?-
    Size: 120x120

    Since Utopia residences are quite big I dont have a set price for those. If you wish me to build you a Utopian project, please contact me with the form at the top of this page and I we'll discuss your idea's!

    -- -- --

    *: Please note that these pack prices were all made with basic materials in mind. If you want me to use more expensive materials the price might go up! Please start a conversation with me to discuss pricing! Thank you!

    ⚜ -- -- --
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  3. I hope I find something to use your service for... love your work! :D
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  4. Keep your eyes out! :D

    You know where to find me :)
  5. Also quick question, if I have a build set in creative is there any way I could get you to build it? Even if I supply materials?
  6. I don't do prebuilt builds, that defeats the point of my build service :p

    If you already have a design anyone can build it hahaha
  7. Yeah but I trust you to build it correctly. :p
  8. You know it's bad when you have to hire a copy machine because the other copy machines don't copy like a copy machine. :p
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  9. I'd be a rather expensive copying machine as well xD
  10. This is awesome! maybe when I have enough rupees I might set an order!
  11. My virtual door is open for you my good sir!
  12. Are you busy with building right now, I might be in need of your services.
  13. Updated current projects and waiting list!
  14. UPDATE
    Bevk's 'Kingdom of Birch' mountain is done in SP, going to transfer it over to EMC soon!
    Agent_Notch is nearing completion, adding final details.
    TheSpyPie mansion is up next!

    Stay tuned :)

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  15. UPDATE

    Introducing a new member to the Ælisium team!


    Hey everyone, I'm galazeek. I'm a former member of the EMC build team, The Hive build team, Octovon build team, Elysium build team, and goCreative build team. You can find my build portfolio here (https://m.imgur.com/a/Bh9gv) or you can look at my EMC builds which include Mob Arena and Creature Capture. I'm very happy to be working with my friend and beautifying the Empire!

    From now on you can hire either galazeek or myself, or us both, for anything you require built!


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  16. Awesome! So detailed :)
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  17. I will be contacting you and galazeek soon with a utopia project.
  18. UPDATE

    Updated waiting list & current projects
  19. Ima save up rupees!
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    BUMP complete

    Aelisium up for business

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