¿Algún Puertorriqueño o latino americano?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Gap542, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Pues... El titulo do dice todo!

    Estaba pensando en crear algun tipo de sociedad entre nosotros mismos o algo asi.
    ¿Que creen?
  2. Apuesto a que hay por ahí, pero por favor tenga en Inglés
    ^I bet they are out there but keep in English please
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  3. Puedo usar Google Translate para parecer que estoy en la muchedumbre
  4. Debemos haber bastantes, simplemente por los nombres de usuario. Yo soy bastante ermitaño, pero puedes contar conmigo si lo deseas. Por cierto, soy de México.

    Y por respeto al resto del foro, una traducción literal:

    "Should been plenty, just by name of user. I'm quite hermit, but can count me if you want. By the way, I'm from México.

    And as respect to the rest of the forum, a plain translation."
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  5. ah the terms of service.. is it anything like the terms of endearment lool
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  6. huedertepentso -'nuf said (Idk what I said)
  7. ?


    Neither do I.

    Yeah,sorry.Won't happen again :p
  8. Yeah,in SMP9 there's like 3 guys(That I know of) from Puerto Rico.

    I don't think this will work out... we aren't able to speak any other than English which would defeat one of the purposes.

  9. I prolly miss type or word it. My spanish is rough at best lol
  10. My English is pretty bad :p
  11. Yea close enough :D
  12. Podemos hablar en el idioma que deseemos en conversaciones o mensajes privados, es sólo en los foros públicos donde hay que respetar a la mayoría angloparlante, e incluso ahí es posible hablar en español, siempre y cuando se incluya una traducción para que nadie se quede sin entender.

    Traducción, ahora un poco más correcta:

    "We can type in the language of our choice in private messages or conversations, only on public forums is english mandatory to respect the common use of english, and even there we can type in spanish as long as the text is translated so everyone can understand.

    And now a more correct translation:"
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  13. Me Gusta, Nos Gusta, that's all I know.
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  14. I like,We Like

    I Like.
  15. My Spanish is pretty bad and wait thats for my 365th day.
  16. Basically I use google translate to fit in.
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  17. I'm Latin American, but I don't speak Spanish :p

    I'm from Brazil :D
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  18. I used to speak spanish like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Also, I DO know yall can read this gray text. But I don't care. :p
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  19. Not trying to be racist or anything but there are rules that states you must speak the English language on emc. This is for moderating purposes, this includes in game or in the forums. Please if you don't speak the English language you can let Google translate it for you.
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