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  1. Hey Fellow EMC Supportes, I will be hosting an event where supporters enter and then play games known to EMC with other supporters! I will be hosting the event at my residences! I know a little bit of games that I will be played but I will need your help with getting some ideas! One thing you might need to know is that EMC Staff can enter too so good luck to all, please post ideas in the section below. Updates will be give also! Thipese events will be hosted over many days so all supporters can play and all games will be played on different days. Please enter only if you are supporters or EMC Staff. Enter at 18017 on SMP9, please drop items with your name (Please use books signed or not) your time zone, and your EMC Supporter Rank! If you are still questioning on it just PM me and I will contact you ASAP!
    See you there ≈wolffpack58
  2. This will not quite be The Empire Games Jacob5089
  3. Honestly, I don't think it's nice to exclude non-supporters from events.
  4. Dude, its kinda rude to exclude non-supporters.
  5. Why is this only for supporters if you're not even a supporter? ._.

    there is actually way more non supporters than there is supporters, I would rather play a game with non supporters then just supporters since there would be more players.... just saying
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  6. It would be a lot more fun if I could play with my non-supporter friends.
  7. Your not a supporter. You should know how it's like being a Non-Supporter.
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  8. I will be doing this event and one for non--supportres then one for all players, I just wanted to post this one first.
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  10. It's the segregation by supporter rank that's the problem.
    For a parallel (Understand, this situation is much less severe than the following)
    In the historical United States, it had been legal to separate people by race, and do so by creating "separate but equal" facilities. Though this often failed to be the case, the problem was that the idea of separation based on race (or indeed by any other factor) is a fundamental fallacy in morality.