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  1. SMP8
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    Come and both buy and sell books!

    Looking for writers of all types. I intend on this shop being filled with Community-written books. Anyone who would like to sell books here at The Basement Bookshop, will receive all proceeds (via shop signs in their name). The idea is that the bookshop is eventually filled with all types of books, and written pieces of artwork. Feel free to PM me or message me in game if you'd like to begin selling books or book series here! :)

    Don't forget that Minecraft has a copy feature. To copy your own books, simply put the original book in your crafting menu with an empty book & quill. Use more book & quills for more copies. Please do not copy and paste text to copy books; those books are considered to be different items and will not stack.

    See you soon! :)
  2. I got a book I'm selling at my alts makeshift shop. I wouldn't mind transferring the books to a new shop. It's already sold a few copies been on the market for a long while.
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  3. I can set up a chest and a sign with your name and amount you'd like to sell them for?
  4. sure. I was selling for 5k so just post that price and if they sell they sell and if not oh well.
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  5. This seems like a nice place to take place from the book shop that used to be on SMP6. Way to keep the spirit alive Faded! :D
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