Comments on Profile Post by Nickblockmaster

  1. IcecreamCow
    I mean you are here so you did not miss anything hahaha. Not an in-game return or anything. Just floating about.
    Jan 21, 2023 at 2:57 PM
  2. Nickblockmaster
    Aye that is good. Yeah, same here. Playing on EMC or any server for that matter, isn't a luxury I have an option to anymore. Wi-Fi is too slow nowadays. It is very good to see you are still active! Keep up the good work and take care!!
    Jan 22, 2023 at 1:39 PM
  3. IcecreamCow
    Good to see you as well! You were always around giving great feedback when we asked for it back in the day! Never forgot that.
    Jan 23, 2023 at 5:09 AM
  4. Nickblockmaster
    I can appreciate that! I miss those days, but I’m grateful that they happened at all!
    Jan 25, 2023 at 9:15 AM