Will Pistons moves Mob Spawners?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. kilmannan Prominent Member

    As per title, anyone know if a Piston will move a Mob Spawner?

    The thinking is that you could theoretically place a Mob Spawner wherever you wanted by shifting it with a piston, break the piston, reattach it, move it, break it, reattach it, etcetcetc ad infinitum.

  2. d1223m Well-Known Member

    no you cant ( just tested )
  3. kilmannan Prominent Member

  4. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Does it break it?
  5. d1223m Well-Known Member

  6. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    then whah happens to it?
  7. Liasen Active Member

    But you can break a mob spawner with the silk touch enchantment and then place it;)
  8. Crazy1080 Distinguished Member

    That worked in 1.9.4 but it doesn't anymore. :(
    Even then, it would be placed as a Pig Spawner every time.
  9. Liasen Active Member

    Sorry for saying untrue information:D
    Thought it still worked:D

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