[Suggestion] No wait time for Supporters for residences

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by Biscuitboy5396, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    I think that as a supporter that I shouldn't have any wait time to unclaim a residence. (1 hour wait time after claiming or unclaiming/resetting a res)
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  2. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

    Good idea.
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  3. DeadSkaia Well-Known Member

    Doesnt the res reset when you unclaim it? But nevertheless, I like this idea as well :)
  4. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    If you reset or unclaim a res you have to wait an hour before doing the same thing.
  5. IcecreamCow Original Founder

    When you reset a residence, it puts a HUGE toll on the servers, everyone likely notices a bit of a lag spike everytime a residence is reset. The reason this is put into place isn't to put a bearing on the user, but without the limit, one could go around claiming/unclaiming/resetting lot after lot and cause serious lag issues for everyone, possibly even a server crash.
  6. DeadSkaia Well-Known Member

    Oh, okay.
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  7. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

    Also people could do "Greif Party's" Then reset while people are underground in the res and it force quits them from the server
  8. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    Maybe two times in the hour.
  9. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    I'd reduce the limit to 15 minutes for supporters. They can do it with that timeframe once or twice in a day, and anymore after that they must wait an hour.
  10. Curundu Well-Known Member

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  11. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    But what purpose does this have? Why would you need to reset twice in two hours?
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  12. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    Or instead of posting an overused meme you could simply explain your reasonings.

    What I suggested was a compromise between the OP and what ICC said.
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  13. Curundu Well-Known Member

    I thought the meme communicated my thoughts rather precisely. If ICC says this is a server issue and will compromise game play for the whole town world, then I say that is a good enough explanation from someone who is rather knowledgabe about how EMC works.

    I therefore disagree with your idea which will compromise game play, cause possible harm to the server and make things more complicated than they need to be.
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  14. roblikescake Well-Known Member

    Like I stated above, I only suggested a compromise between ICC's post and the OP's post.

    OP wanted reduced waiting time between res claims/unclaims, ICC said it causes server lag, so the waiting period is necessary.

    I simply suggested allowing Supporters 2 res claims/unclaims within 15 minutes, and anymore after that will have to wait a full hour.

    This seems beneficial and doable in a sense that you still have a waiting period that increases after the 2 claims/unclaims during the shorter period. A lot of Supporters try their hardest to obtain res's side by side, to give them better building opportunities. This suggestion supports both the lag issue as well as the building issue, thus forming a compromise.
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  15. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    What ICC said which you didn't understand is that it takes alot of effort from the server to do it rapidly. 2 within the hour or 15 minutes would not allow this rapid claim and unclaim and would therefore takeaway any risk of the crash. So instead of just saying NO how about you find a decent reason to say no.
  16. Curundu Well-Known Member

    I responded to Rob because we know each other and he deserved a response to my meme. You do not know me from Adam and visa versa. So just back off.
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  17. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    Too bad I'm the OP so this is MY thread so why don't YOU back off if you don't like what I am saying.
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  18. imBobertRobert Well-Known Member

    what's the point? i dont really see the point in unclaiming a res. i have seen people do it before to "move to the wild" and then a few days later they say they shouldnt have done that. i would just unclaim it or leave it there, but not unclaim all of them.
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  19. Biscuitboy5396 Well-Known Member

    I'll explain the situation. I needed a res unclaimed for me (someone else's res) and I claimed it with my alt and not with the account I wanted to. I had to wait an hour to unclaim it and do it with the right account.
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  20. Chascarrillo Well-Known Member

    tirando el ordenador.png
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