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    1. Recently I have been a bit inactive due to some life events. I have been working out and biking a lot to get into shape. I will be joining the Air Force, thus I need to be in shape some. I get sworn in soon, and next summer will go to BMT in San Antonio, Texas. Before the military branch bashing goes on, don't start with it. I chose the Air Force because they had the most available to me for the kind of job I wanted. I like electronics, programming, troubleshooting, etc. The recruiter mentioned a job available at this time for a junior in high school and I immediately decided to take it. I will be doing RF Transmissions. Radio Frequency Transmissions is where I am at the base working on the radio systems, networking systems, satellite systems, etc at the base. I am highly excited about this and cannot wait. Anyways, that's why I am not too active here at the moment. Hopefully that will change a bit as I have a few projects to get out of the way.
    2. Minecraft 1.3 is planned to be here August 1, as tweeted by Jeb. His tweet can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ca4w7ja
    3. Minecraft's Terms of Service were recently changed and now are made to make me super happy. Direct quote from the TOS: "as icing on a cake." Damn right, they included cake in the Terms of Service. Link here: http://www.minecraft.net/terms

    Just thought I'd share that with all of you... :)
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    "Damn right, they included cake in the Terms of Service" - Haha brilliant :p

    Hope you have a good time in the Air Force :)
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    Go cake! Drop those cake bombs. :p

    Is this a leaving thread? :(
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    You'll get no military branch bashing from me. My brother is Army & is currently awaiting deployment to Afghanistan. My sister is Navy & currently in Afghanistan. The branch doesn't matter, what matters is that you're doing what you can to serve & protect this country. Best of luck to you in your military career. :)
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    Ah I remember you speaking to me about this a little.. Good to see someone stepping up to the plate to serve for our country :).. RF Transmissions eh? Sounds like your the one in the tower directing people where to land, sounds fun actually ;). I wish you best of luck Rob from your pal Waf
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    Congrats on sereving our country.
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    No, not an I'm leaving thread. Why would I leave the best server available? Heck, you've got no idea what I have planned for the empire... ;)
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    My dads the battalion commander for 2 years of a marine batallion
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    Signature building? :p
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    Tehe ;)
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    "#Valvetime" - It will be out in 2024 lol
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    Wait so your leaving
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    This is off topic but... meh, I'll pm you. xD

    I hope you serve our nation well. :)
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    Good luck in the Air Force... I'm also hoping to serve there at some point. And then use the flying experience to become an astronaut. ;) On a less positive note: AUGUST 1?!? That better be a joke. :mad:
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    Free plane trips for everyone, eh?! :D
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