Excessive Thunder Storms on SMP7

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MessyTreat, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. MessyTreat Iron Supporter
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    There is a massive thunder/lightning storm on SMP7 right now.
    It's been going on for the past 10 minutes with lightning strikes running about 4 per second on average.
    There are usually lots of storms on SMP7 but this is getting ridiculous. This can't be just a random server generated storm. It's too intense.
  2. zbalda97 Well-Known Member

    I have seen this happen before. It's just a glitch that comes and goes. With the new update 1.3 coming out soon this and many other small glitches should be fixed. Besides dying from electrocution there is really nothing to worry about :p
  3. SpaceShuttleFan Prominent Member

    I've heard it's a bug with CraftBukkit. I recommend staying under things and sprinting to where you need to go.
  4. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

    Err it might be a bug but it might be something else that I can explain.
    There is a hack that shows where somebody's spawn is. Lightning keeps striking the exact some place. I learned this info from my friend, L0tad who this happen to him.
  5. Tehwafflez Prominent Member

    on smp9 once I expierenced a super cell storm as I called it, lightning struck 2 times a second at least. Lasted 20 minutes /told NKJ bout it (she was online at he time) she said it is in the craftbukkit coding (heard from Justin) its called superstorm. there is storm sunny superstorm and rainy. Most likely more also.
  6. craftsman234 Member

    Charged Creeper Population = Increased :eek:
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  7. autumnrain26 Distinguished Member

    I find superstorms funny, and usually ssit in local at the edge of spawn and tell people to run... XD
  8. BigDavie Senior Staff
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    I had my pig farm turned into a zombie pigman farm by a superstorm. I only had a solitary pig left untransformed.
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  9. HillbillyBeastly Prominent Member

    Yeah, I think I'll just stay inside then. One terrible night where I had a run in with one has ruined me for life. Oh the memories...too painful to talk about. :(

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