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  1. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member


    Hey everyone! It has taken more than 2 months and the help of quite a few people, but I have finally finished the Empire Minecraft 10 commandment videos. These videos were a idea of mine shortly after JaberZer0 and Yukon1200 started the Empire Minecast. You can view them down below this or in the guide under the 10 commandment section. I would like to thank the people that made this possible.

    You promoted my idea from the start and even put my videos in the guide. Thanks for running a great server.

    You were always on board to help me finish these. Thanks for your gift of a TNT filled night that practically made video 10.

    You were featured in quite a few of my videos and you didn’t hold the banhammer back. Thanks for cooperating and helping me finish these.

    You also helped me make a video. It turned out pretty great!

    Thanks for being a running joke, you helped me fill time on my videos by making fun of you.

    You’re just some person/alien that appeared in some of my videos. Kudos to you!

    You helped me make some videos as-well although half the time you were hiding in a dirt hut.

    Yukon1200 and JaberZer0
    Guys you make great videos ‘nuff said.

    Anyone who I forgot that helped
    Thanks guys but I am too stupid to remember you right now… You helped all the same!

    Anyone who appeared in one or more of my videos
    Thanks for butting in! No really! You guys made the videos funny with your chat spam and running around.

    These will be in parts (aka part one is rule one ect.) They are related with but not identical to the tutorial videos I have been making. (See here http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...ial-videos-come-here-and-be-enlightened.6593/ )

    Commandment 1: 1st Applaud at my speed!

    Commandment 2: This one has class.

    Commandment 3: Finally here! (Woot!)

    Commanment 4: Hard to see!

    Commandment 5: Aikar helped!

    Commandment 6: Uncomfortable...

    Commandment 7: GameKribJim!

    Commandment 8: Woot only 2 more!

    Commandment 9: O.O Only one more!


    Edit: Due to forum restrictions I can not have more than 5 embedded Youtube videos in the same topic. From here on out the new ones will be de-embeded and the new ones will take their place
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  2. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    i think they should make these a requirement for players that have violated the rules:)
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  3. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    Very good idea lol Justin did you hear that?

    Anyone want to help make one of these?
  4. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    Oh yes. I've been wanting to do a series like this for a long time but I didn't have the time. I will definitely help if you would let me.

    Lol. I'm not sure if the punishemnts will always be THAT harsh.
  5. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    I have created another commandment in which should be added to the 10 commandments, however it is sacred. Very sacred. I hold this commandment very deeply, as it involve my passion.

    Thou cake shalt not die.

    ^ Feel free to use that one as a series finale, or something along those lines. :)
  6. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm maybe... Do you have teamspeak 3? if not download it and I willget in touch with you.
  7. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    Not only has the cake died... It was a lie.
  8. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    The punishments will be that harsh and MORE!
  9. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    PM me for inside information on whats next ;)

    No. 4 is done but I still need to finish no. 3... Can't figure out what I should use for an example of cheating.
  10. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    These are really cool, when they are all done I will feature them :) as well as add links in the guide :)
  11. nightmare32808 Active Member

    Flying or Xray mod perhaps?
  12. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks man that means a lot :D
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  13. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    I think i'll do the X-ray.
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  14. nightmare32808 Active Member

    Glad I could be of assistance. :)
  15. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    3rd video is done!!! I took a little of your suggestion and mixed it with my own.
  16. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    It says that this video is private

    Edit: It loads now but is just blank
  17. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

    Edit: Sony vegas uploading error. Video taken down temporarily. Should be up again soon.

    Problem resolved :D sorry for inconvenience.
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  18. nightmare32808 Active Member

    Very Nice! Keep up the good work! :D
  19. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    These are good, I'm planning on starting my own video version of the Empire Guide later this week.
  20. Frodomann1 Well-Known Member

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