[Contest] Te of Pigmen

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by margaritte, May 22, 2012.

  1. Xis6siX Well-Known Member

    Zen and the art of Rock'm Sock'm fight club! SMP7
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  2. IamSaj Prominent Member


    I took my helmet off for this to show how chill I am at the top of the biggest tree (up to 256 blocks) in SMP5. Plus I get extra points for dat half moon.
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  3. hayleycolgan Prominent Member


    I can often be found frolicking in the flowers in the wild at /v iSmooch on smp7, or meditating in my Melon Shrine. I've been relaxing in the latter today.
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  4. Xinn Elite Member

    That's what those little leggy/udder looking things are above her.

    Since I spend time out in the Wild away from town. I like to Meditate on top if my Mooshroom's pen.
  5. oidgod Prominent Member

    i think i got it
  6. battmeghs Gold Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    and you know, batman <3


  7. HillbillyBeastly Prominent Member


    It's simple but hanging out on my roof with my melon farm is...peaceful. :)
  8. EmpireShop Active Member


    Teh Dragonia!

    P.S It took ages to get onto the fountain so that the water didnt push me off >.>
  9. serialkicker Well-Known Member

  10. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

  11. AlexChance Moderator
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    I call it "The Temple of Rejected Hugs" or "The Temple of Rejection." Get it?

  12. Equinox_Boss Distinguished Member

    This is mine... :p

    If you don't know what the reference is to then watch asdf... :p
    When ever I do /v 1303 i end up here.
    People that come on to my res are like" how did I get here?"
  13. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

  14. margaritte Prominent Member

    This contest is now closed to new entries. The official voting period will begin tomorrow.
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  15. d1223m Well-Known Member

    Voting is now open!

    You may like as many posts as you wish!
    ( You may also unlike if you want...)

    All other posts have been removed to make this super easy for you. Good luck everyone!
  16. oidgod Prominent Member

    one last photo!

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  17. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    it entry period is over, you can't turn in a photo now.
  18. d1223m Well-Known Member

    Yup too late - sorry oid
  19. oidgod Prominent Member

  20. maximxc New Member

    wow you got many likers ;)
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