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  1. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    well i just fixed my program and now will start on some orders i will google gir to take a look ;)
  2. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    Done! Attached

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  3. sgx2000 Distinguished Member

    omg can i use the Gir one too? i love Gir!!
  4. sgx2000 Distinguished Member

    Can I get one of Happy Noodle Boy? would that work as a skin?

    ohhhh or Johnny the Homocidal Maniac... that would be epic as a skin!
  5. sgx2000 Distinguished Member

    ok this is serious... I'd like these made and I'll pay you well for them:

    Happy Noodle Boy
    Johnny the Homocidal Maniac

    let me know if you need photos of them
  6. Nole972 Diamond Supporter
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  7. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

  8. TheEpic5 Prominent Member

    Make a slime skin like the one I have but Make the White Red and The Black Orange
  9. pererfamily4l Prominent Member

    i want a boy, brown hair , light brown skin,blue eyes. morrun(idk how to spell that)shirt,grey pants, morrun shoes. wearing 3d glasses and a watch. thats bout it, soorry bout spelling
  10. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

  11. cave_man_1 Member

  12. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

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  13. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    and the arms?
  14. kawallski Well-Known Member

    Could You make me a super cool normal male skin so i could just look like a normal person thank
  15. pererfamily4l Prominent Member

    i was just wondering when my skin will be ready?
  16. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    sgx2000 - Basketball players
    SuperVal_Junior - Some guy
    migueldemesa - Gasht in a tux/suit
    1998golfer - Pyro suit
    audience2004 - a red fox in jeans and a top with CM on
    Nole972 - Gir, with a monocle
    alex_jacob - Ripped dude
    hayjam - camalo anthoney, new york knicks
    sgx2000 - 3 People
    TheEpic5 - Edit of his
    pererfamily4l - boy, brown hair , light brown skin,blue eyes. morrun(idk how to spell that)shirt,grey pants, morrun shoes.wearing 3d glasses and a watch
    kawallski - Cool normal person skin
  17. MissMadison910 Prominent Member

    Could you please make me a DOMO KUN?
  18. MissMadison910 Prominent Member

  19. TheEpic5 Prominent Member

    Can you make a omplyian Slime?
  20. TheEpic5 Prominent Member


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