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  1. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    Thanks for uploading it, attached it!

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  2. timasaurus007 Member

    Hello, my name is Tim, I would liketo make a request

    • A Halo 3 Assualt Rifle (AR), on the back of my skin, like a sword, but instead a, AR, preferbly a Halo 3 look-a-like, this is themain thing I want best.

    Halo 3 AR.jpg
    E.G (2)
    Halo 3 AR on MC back.png
    Ofcourse, I don't want it looking off of my skin, I want the AR to be placed in the middle of my skin, not looking over my back, because if it does, it may cause skin problems.

    • I would like the colour on (Slight-DarkOrange in the outer, Orange in the center), the center of my visor to be gold and the outer colour to be the orange that was previously in the center.

    Visor E.G.png

    • Change the bright white colour in my visor, located at the chin of my skin, a bit darker, perhaps the colour next to it.

    Sorry, but how do I get my skin link, I got my skin back in Beta 1.5

    P.S: I'll donate R500 if you do exeptionly well with the skin!
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  3. finsup2010 Active Member

    can i have a chicken in a dress
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  4. thestar19 Prominent Member

    Order : Teal'c of SG1,Google It
    Reward: 12.000 r if its good :p
    Level : Hard :)
  5. XXMINECRAFT20 Member

    could i have a skin with my current skin's face and have a black hoodie with a creeper on the back
  6. sgx2000 Distinguished Member

    I liked your Ginobili in the Argentina jersey so I have a few more I'd like you to make for me if you don't mind:

    Dirk Nowitzi in a German jersey:

    Tony Parker in the French jersey:

    Tiago Splitter in the Brazil Jersey:

    Bruce Bowen in a Spurs jersey:

    Dennis Rodman in his Spurs jersey (with colorful hair!) that's #10 btw

    i have more but i'll pay nicely for these!
  7. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    upload your skin please then i can edit of that
  8. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    I got your skin I attached you original i will quote you again when its done ;)

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  9. thestar19 Prominent Member

    Please remove the skin and send it to me thru pm instead
  10. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

  11. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    Can i have a Ghast with a suit Or In Jacket. Thanks :)
  12. nfell2009 Distinguished Member


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  13. finsup2010 Active Member

  14. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

  15. finsup2010 Active Member

  16. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    you wanted to be a chicken?
  17. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    what colour dress?
  18. SuperVal_Junior Distinguished Member

    Do this one for me! Thanks!
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  19. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    Made one with a purple creeper and one with white ;)

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  20. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    please give a name then i can get more pictures

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