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  1. Doh , Had I relised I had that much more space I would have used it , this is just the start , about 1.5 to 2 weeks work, much more needed to be done, this is views of the interior of my cavern, the exterior of my hills and the water tower vent so everything gets some fresh air. bottom right is my cavern trees soon to be added too/ modified, and center right is my odd lava bowl? or thing... soon to be added too also, im like 7k NE of the North wilds spawn if you wana take the 25 min boat ride I would be glad to show it too you. my vines need much more growing and my hill paths still need to be created /finished and well my natural mob spawner only profits like 7 mobs an hour but that will change as it expands. no pic included . My Empire.jpg
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  2. The state of my current creation, not much done on the insides but the outsides starting to look nice.

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  3. Wow! This is awesome Zydoo!! Good luck with future developments on this!!
  4. well I think the face of the hillside temple is done other than the vines all growing out, now to hollow it out.... hmm soo many iron picks >.<

    p.s thanks QuarterStop, your welcome to come see it in person its much better. just let me know, I'm on smp6 all the time, working on something in my frontier "outpost". it does take a bit to get here but its just a boat ride away.

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  5. Mob Spawner anyone ? All natural spawning, 7 floors, one collection point. Kind of slow ? 10-15 mobs a min...
    Diamond mine.... Enraged... Spiders and squid even... Time laps pic name. It placed them backward so view to the left.

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  6. My Hill side Temple Ruins finished outside, more clearing needed inside, but all floors connected, no way in to the top center tower but there will be. 90% of the hill on 3 sides will get used, once I make some new tools..... that mob spawner took many resources and I had to clear my forest 2 times to get all the trees for the walls...

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  7. 3 massive mob spawners, 5 crazy structures, a double stack iron farm , 9 nether portals, 46 villagers, 7 farms, 5 critter farms, and still growing.... what will be next ?


    pic's not included... view my location on the dyn-map(smp6). It doesn't look so good from it but gives you an idea :)
  8. how efficient is the iron farm?
  9. hmm, in 2 days of it being active I now have a double chest of iron almost.

    p.s. its no fair I can't use tnt :(