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  1. Ok i been play this game about zombies its web based so you dont have to worry about downloading.
    Its the first free survival game set in a hostile world inhabited by zombies!

    Click Here

    Yes this is a referral link but i only get this option if you join under me. "you can keep in touch with your friends easily by inviting them to join your coalition from this very page" This way if you need help or want to join a town with me you can.

    If you need any help let me know :p
  2. Looks and hears pretty Bad-ass......
  3. i love the game, something to do every day
  4. Spam on this website...
  5. this isnt spam :|
  6. Talking about a diff web?
  7. With all due respect this is absolutely not spam, I think I speak for every one when I say that we want to know what other things are friends are in to besides minecraft, don’t you? For example games, websites, music, est. But don’t get me wrong, if somebody just got on site for 5 min and just starts saying stuff like “go to this website” or “try this server” than that would be considered spamming. But I don’t see a problem with sometimes telling the EMC community about what you’re up to (has long has you post it in the proper spot in the forums). On a side note a great place for this type of forum is www.GameKrib.com. Go to GameKrib NOW!!! Lol