Zombie Virus?

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  1. Hey, I was wondering, what is a zombie virus?
  2. It's a custom EMC item only that you can rarely get from killing a zombie or the Momentus boss.
    When you drink them they give you Slowness, Nausea, Blindness, Mining Fatigue, and Resistance.
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  3. Thanks! Do you know why people would even drink that? Also, what is the Momentus boss?
  4. A Momentus is basically a giant but with a few extra powers.
  5. People drink it for the resistance makes you almost invincible
  6. Ok, thanks. I just really wanted to know before I bought some! :)
  7. Hey, where do you find Momentus?
  8. He will randomly spawn in the wild
  9. The empire guide really needs to update with the new information soon.
  10. It would but Justin is the only person who can change it. So he would have to be him to do it. And sense he doesn't have a lot of free time anymore he can't.
  11. If you want to find Momentus, just wonder around the wild until finding one. When you find one, DON'T walk up to it. I learned by experience...
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  12. We're working on it.
  13. Oh, thanks. Can you see it on the live map?
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  14. Sadly no. If you could, I wouldn't have spent an entire day hunting for one, and not finding one. They usually spawn at night, and they don't catch on fire. In my experiences with Momentus, it shows up when I'm not looking for one. But usually you stumble upon them, and always be prepared to fight one!
  15. Aww, well. Hey ho.
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  16. In my experience, 'almost invincible' is not really true, but you are pretty tough for a minute. The negative effects take about half as long to wear off as the invincibility, so you drink it and then wait.

    Momentus is announced as a message that says something like 'the earth begins to shake'. He has got to be like 15-20 blocks high, but doesn't really move around really fast, doesn't run at you, but will pull you in if close enough and he sees you, or if you attack him.

    When you find one, back away, make a chest or enderchest and put anything you won't be using to fight him in a safe spot, then place a bed and sleep in it if you can, so you will respawn close by when you die.

    Don't expect to snipe him with a bow, because he will teleport you to under his feet and trample you to death. Shoot him with the first arrow, then switch to a sword and chop at his legs when he pulls you in.

    Oh, you will also be attacked by enraged zombies who are stronger and faster than regular zombies and set you on fire.

    It's very tempting to fight him and keep all the loot for myself, but it's much easier for 2 or 3 players at a time. I sent private messages to friends in town and meet up with them for an enjoyable battle. Hopefully you find people who are available.

    The reward is the adventure more than anything because he doesn't always drop the best possible drops, and I didn't think the loot was worth anywhere near the value of the armor and weapons I lost. Hopefully I get him faster next time.