Zombie Virus Question

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  1. In the wiki, it lists the following stats on the zombie virus:
    • Hunger IV - 1:30
    • Slowness IV - 1:35
    • Weakness III - 1:35
    • Nausea IV - 0:45
    • Resistance IV - 3:10
    • Blindness IV - 0:45

    However, when I consume it, ALL of those effects last 3:00+ minutes...

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I'm missing? Did I just get a batch of SuperZombie Virus?

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  2. Those times are wrong from when the potion was bugged. Wiki team will fix soon.
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  3. Aha. Well then. I'm NOT crazy! on that point at least.

    Thanks for the explanation.
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