Zombie Mart Franchise

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  1. Alright I have started on a shop franchise, kinda like Target or Walmart, those IRL megastore franchises. My plan is to have on MEGASTORE on every smp, including utopia. I will run a shop on smp3, since thats my main/only smp I use. The cut for sellers will be all but 25% of the profits from my branches. If your feel nice, you should donate another 10% of your profits to building and all that other stuff. My res on smp7 has a main building filled with other portals - but will probably be taken away due competing shops. I figure that if I take a slow approach into this, we/I can make a good business. I will check in everyday with the other shops. Since each shop will be individually owned, the owner should be making a good amount of money.
    Please reply below if you are interested. Also We need a Warehouse/Supplier who will get payed for housing and suppling stuff cheap for franchises.
    Smp1: Shop Needed
    Smp2: Shop Needed
    Smp3: Shop Being built
    Smp4: Shop Needed
    Smp5: Shop Being built
    Smp6: Shop Needed
    Smp7: Shop Needed
    Smp8 Shop Needed
    smp9 Shop Needed
    Utopia: Shop Needed
    THE ZOMBIEMART HQ IS ON SMP3 6826 please come and check it out.
  2. im not a supporer so i cannot have another res to hold a shop and be part of franchise, its a good idea and i wish i cud be part of it :D
  3. Oh i wish you could too
  4. Bobalek you can u one of my residences on smp1
  5. I also had the same idea once. Though I can't get another res since I am just a Normal player
  6. You could use mine, and use my name. I call it "The Empire MultiPlex" It's on smp1 and is being built :)
  7. Yeah pm me and we can talk more about it
  8. Lol CreeperMart (my store) and Zombie Mart lol
  9. Lol maybe we could combine ideas together
  10. Maybe ......hmmm I shall think of this